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Father Stabs Daughter, Crushes her Head with a Rock


The loathsome "White Christian Male" is at it again. Wait a minute - no he's not:


Read it all:



Anecdotal evidence? Yes! All Muslims MUST be evil!

You honestly believe we couldn't find instances of Christian's killing in the name of Christianity? I've read three stories of Christians shooting up liberal churches and Atheist roommates this month alone.

Seriously. Crazy fuckers exist in just about every sect.


Am I supposed to keep responding to these sort of drive-by postings of yours? Are your Cornell Arab buddies getting bummed-out by these posts I make and you feel the need to stick up for them? Sad. Pathetic.


He is right though, You are trying to justify the war in iraq and the greater war that is silently going on against islam. I mean you don't come right out and say it, but the placement of the post in the political section of the forum and not the off topic section, would lead one to believe you had a political reason for posting about a murder. You also have the sections of the article cut out that describes the murder, and then the exact right wing talking points about why these people supposedly attack US here in the US. Question, was the woman he killed a US citizen? Did his community rejoice at his actions? No he was arrested. What is the point of your post?

FYI Shark attacks are way up this year, I think our government should start a war against the sharks because they are killing innocent people swimming on OUR beaches. I mean after all it's not like the sharks LIVE in the areas WE want to swim in or anything. Heck it's not even in thier nature to eat fatty Mammals either, they are just bloodthirsty maniacs who think they will scare us out of the beaches if they bite a few arms and legs off. WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN TO THESE CARNIVEROUS SCUM!!!!! I even hear they have aquired the taste of human flesh, imagine your son or daughter out swimming in the ocean innocently thrashing about in a playful manner, These sharks are so vile, they will hit children with no problems. They need to be extermintated, or at least controlled and driven out of the areas WE deem appropriate.




What's really sad and pathetic are people who love to hate as you so seem to do.


What does "hate" mean to a liberal such as yourself? I've found that "hate" to people like you is "anything that disagrees with my worldview."

Anyways, far be it for me to hate a doctrine that calls for the death/subjugation (dhimma) of non-believers. Would you likewise fault me for hating Nazism or Maoism? Nevermind. I forgot that Maoism and Stalinism were pet doctrines of your kind some 30-40 years ago.


I've found that "unpatriotic" or "liberal" OR "Un-American" to people like you is "anything that disagrees with my view."


Yes, I'm thrilled that we're in Iraq spilling our blood and treasure on a bunch of Arab savages trapped in the 7th century who've gone on to ethnically cleanse the oldest Christian group in the Middle East under our very noses.

Just for your edification, and the edification of the other literacy-averse liberals on this thread, this is the "Politics AND World Issues Forum." Given that Islam is a political and legal system as much as it's a religious system, I find my placement of this post to be appropriate.

Liberal reading incomprehension never ceases to amaze me. I posted the link and wrote "read it all." What more could you possibly want?

Looks like you'll have to let the information contained in the article simmer in your head awhile until you come to a conclusion. Of course, you've provided no evidence thus far that you're capable of even comprehending the article, so I think the point may be ultimately lost on you.

Great comparison - prehistoric fish to Muslims.

Just out of curiosity, are you a Muslim?


I'm going to have to side with Beowolf. Killings like these are senseless and horrible. The fact that this one was carried out by a Muslim extremist does not make it any moreso. Nutbags are everywhere. This one just happened to be a jihadist nutbag.


This thread is liking turning over a rotten log-it's fascinating to see what squirms out.


Great, another pissing contest. The funny bit of Vegita's post was worth reading though. :wink:

It's nice to finally see some opposition to the long prevalent undifferentiating anti-muslim tone which has pervaded this forum for some time now.



Are you some kind of retard? I'm not liberal, never have been never will be. I am a true conservative. However, Little shit logs like you make conservatives look like Frothing lunatics, just like our current administration has. Not that they are even conservative, but the left can say they are and thats all it takes for them to gain control of the entire government once again. If little fuckwads like you would actually think before you opened your mouth, or better yet, didn't open it at all and instead just read and listened untill you actually understood politics, we might actually be able to vote in someone who is actually conservative, and will actually not spend our country into oblivion so that the chinese own us.

Also go fuck yourself with your reading comprehension comments, I'm so sick and tired of people throwing that around, you didn't even make a point with it. I called you out for Clipping and pasting the two points of the article that serve your purpose. The sensational killing, and the backround of the guy saying he believed in Jihad.

Also, You are incorrect, I would much rather face off against a guy with a knife and a rock than a shark in the water. I am far more likley to die by a shark attack, than by a jihadist with a knife and a rock. Yet to you, this seems worthy of making a post on. The bottom line is that you have an agenda, you think all muslims, or most of them are evil, instead of the reality that there are some whack-jobs in every group that can be grouped. Shit we had preists raping boys not that long ago, if they can have messed up people in thier ranks, I certainly don't hold the muslims to any higher standards. Hell half of my family is batshit crazy and I wouldn't put it past a lot of them to take care of somebody if it needed to be done from thier perspective.

Why don't you stop hiding behind your little articles and just come out and stand behind your neo-con message like a man. I will gladly debate you on the merits of your political philosophy versus mine. That is if you think you can actually debate instead of flip flopping, strawmanning and re-directing, like so many of you neo-cons do. I don't blame you though, it's like anything else, you learn by example, and your heroes Hannity and O'Reilly are masters at thier craft (avoiding debate).



Thanks Dude,

I try to give a little humor and sarcasm with my points, But as you can see, the neo-con doesn't have a senese of humor and accused me of being irrational. In response I yelled at him, many times creatures of this nature can only be reached in this manner. You have to talk to them like Hannity or O'Reilly do, this way they understand you are the Alpha Male and they should listen to what you say and do what you say. These Neo-Con types aren't quite ready to do the critical thinking and self analisys that is required of most responsible human beings. And somehow the adults have let them gain control of the most powerful government in the world for 8 years. Unfortunately Another group of adolecents will be taking over soon, I dont think they will be as irresponsible on the foreign front, but they will likley completely socialize what remains of our country at home.

Oh Well,



Right. You're a paleo-con and true conservatism has been hijacked by the Jews to make the world safe for Israel.

Yes, I listen to Hannity and O'Reilly. They are my heroes.

What is my neo-con message? I mean, I definitely lack the boner you, Pat Buchanan, and the other paleos have for the Arabs (Oh, if we'd only stop interfering in the Middle East and supporting those damn Jews and letting them run our country, the Muslims would leave us alone!)

Once you're far enough over on the right, you're all the way back on the left again.


Lol. You sure showed me.

If only you paleo-cons had succeeded in getting Ron Paul nominated, or Pat Buchanan a decade ago, there'd be no filthy neo-con Jews hijacking the Constitution today and creating a neo-con empire that our childrens' children will be paying for. 9/11 would have never happened because such a government would have never allowed, nay, never caused it to happen.



Well, it doesn't sound so fringe to me.


See now you're getting it. It wasn't really that hard was it? Also if you think the constitution hasn't been hijacked you are delusional. When the congress of the US tells the president that he cannot do something because it is illegal, and he respondes by telling then that he doesn't care because he is above the law, well you are no longer living in a constitutional republic, you are living in a dictatorship. We may elect a new dictator every 4-8 years, but if they are above the law, they are not a president as outlined by our constitution.

So you can spout all the talking points and cute little saying you want, but you really can't stand your ground with me on a factual debate so you might as well concede defeat right now. Either that or we can keep going and you (gasp) might actually learn something about how the mechanics of our government are supposed to work. I would advise the use of a seatbelt at this point in our flight, things may get bumpy from here on out.



Thank you for falling for that one hook, line, and sinker.


It's also not fringe in some parts of africa to gang rape and mutilate the genitals of teenage girls. Yet we didn't invade africa (yet).

I think the desert was a much preferred venue for war for us as we have a much easier time locating targets in a desert than in a jungle. Veitnam didn't work out to well for us so it makes sense that we picked out next fight in a desert where our technology gives us an rediculously heavy advantage.

Look, No one is saying it's a good thing what this guy did, and I think their governemnt is backwards and behind the times, but we can't spread freedom from the barrel of a gun. The only way freedom is earned through violence, is if the oppressed take freedom by force from thier oppressors. We did it here and if someone wants freedom, they will have to take it for themselves. It's not ours to give to anyone else, allthough we seem to think we can give it away like its some type of christmas present.



You obviously don't know me very well, I am possibly one of the most sarcastis posters in the history of T-Nation. You on the other hand, don't seem to have a sarcastic bone in your body.