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Father Shoots Grizzly


to protect his children and is now charged with a crime. Someone please tell me why we let these government ("organized crime")idiots to fucking waste our time and tax dollars? They are prosecuting this guy? Really?


It's a weird world.


Maybe he hypothetically had to choose between his kid and a bear.


We should make a thread about it.


Nailed it!


How did he know the bear was a threat? That's what the twits would say. 1200 lb aggressive killing machine. Yeah, I'll sit down to tea with it and talk about our feelings.

It's a poor idea to prosecute this pr wise IMO.


That kid was probably all up in that bears face. You know, bears are normally calm and rational animals, this is just one of those exceptions that proves the rule.


So a mother bear with two cubs decides to hang out with a human family?

Sorry will need more info.

Bears avoid groups of people unless there is something wrong with them. Not sure about this one.

They like dusk, dawn, and nights.

Although "something wrong" might mean being a mother were there no adults present only small children?

Is there a better article for this?

Maybe someone who knows more about grizzlies. It just seems weird to me.

I have no comment on the legal stuff and yes imo it is acceptable to kill a grizzly if a person is in danger.


Maybe it was just a crazy bear. Sure animals suffer psychosis too?


Unless they are rabid, they don't.

There is more to this story then meets the eye.


Are you kidding me?

I don't care about the "why" a grizzly bear is in your yard and neither should you. It's simply not germane to the point. Why is this guy being prosecuted??? Why are they wasting tax dollars (can't even ask that question in today's society without it being heavily rhetorical).


Why, because he broke a law. Its pretty simple.

I honestly don't know the circumstances so I can't comment. The details seem really sketchy.

He should have employed the SSS method.



But BG, we can't be lawfully just without first determining motive.

WHY was that bear there?!



Laws serve as protection. Protection of a child should take precedence over protecting a bear.


The dad was in the shower when he heard his kid's scream. If the bear posed an IMMEDIATE threat, that kid would have been attacked and killed before the dad could even get the chance to get out the door, let alone GO BACK INSIDE to retrieve his gun.

Should he be charged with a crime? No way. The bear was on his property, and the guy wasn't intentionally hunting bear that day.


Oh, so you didnt hear? Animals are now worth more than humans


Eh, I don't know. Some of the black bears I've been around are generally pretty timid and avoid people for the most part, but they are only a few hundred lbs.

On the other hand, and adult female grizzly at 700 lbs or so knows how big it is and really doesn't give a crap, especially if there is food in the area.


I'm quite sure the kid was dressing in a provocative manner. So the bear was just attracted by it...


Normally I would agree, but if you have half a ton of grizzly in your garden that is not exactly the same as letting a deer disappear in the woods.


What would you do in this situation?