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Father Kills Molester



I'm very OK with this....so long as it's some weird thing like the father killed this guy then said he'd caught the guy raping his daughter to get away with the crime.

Also the banner ad at the top is oddly appropriate.


I'd wait for the DNA test results. Poor kid.


Lol @ Fathers day sale. One less pedo.


+1 nards. If that is what actually went down and that was the actual reason for him offing the dude. Any native texicans know if the defence of diminished responsibility would apply here for the father?


I'm okay with this story. Also okay if no charges get filed.



Damn it! You beat me to it, I was just coming here to post this story...

Just sayin', you mess with a mans kids you don't need a gun. Bare knuckles will do the trick nicely.
They did not charge him, thank God. I ain't worried though, no jury in Texas would dare convict him.
Fuck the courts, let fathers deal with the molesters...Problem solved.


The dad apparently didn't mean to kill him, and feels bad. I would be honored to buy him a drink.

Killed with his bare hands... Brilliant! You know he had to be charged up to kill a guy with his bare hands. I have seen some fights in my life where people get beat pretty good and just have a few bruises. He had to be hitting with some special gusto!


Killing molestors is the wrong thing to do

Far better to have them live a life of humliation and outcast until they kill themselves.


Pretty much in any state it is 100% OK to use deadly force in defense of another.

This would also fall under "provocation" that would excuse use of force.

Finally, in Texas "he needed killin'" is a valid defense among a jury of your peers.

Me, I would have killed him twice.


When it comes to my kids, all bets are off. It's just best not to test it.


this is kinda funny, kinda sad, and yet i kinda agree in alot of ways.


He caught him in the act and defended his child....poor little kid.


True, but she has a Daddy who loves her and will do anything to protect her. Had she not, this would have been a far more tragic story.
One less molester in the world does not bother me one bit.


LOL x2


x2 "he needed killin" is too funny, and too appropriate for something like this.


Yep its called he caught some fucker molesting his daughter.


This happened a few hours from Houston.

If they ever release the name I am sending the Dad a case of Shiner Bock.


I wouldn't even put these kinds of people in jail.

They'd get a fair trial and if found guilty be set free. Before they left the courthouse they'd be given a hilarious outfit...like peter pan or a magician or something..the outfir would the only thing their allowed to wear until they decide to use the razor and pill packs sewn in a pocket.


i applaud this man, ironically enough here in the uk there is a new pill being developed and trialed in a sex offenders prison not far from where i live which is supposed to suppress testosterone and dull sexual desires of pedos, lets hope it works so incidents like this can be eliminated.still, once a pedo always a pedo, and although i dont have kids of my own, i have 2 very young nephews, and if i caught anybody doing anything like this with them, they would wake up tied to a chair and be force fed their own dick and balls before being left to bleed out


the problem is that once the pedo is deemed 'safe' and released there is nothing to force them to continue the med use, generally similar to bi-polar or other mental diseases they generally make them feel like shit or not like themselves, so they stop taking the meds once they are on their own and then we all know where that goes.