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Father Disciplines His Son For Acting Up In School


EDIT- Youtube took the video down but you can watch it here http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhMy34aJhp049y5UAO

I approve but I have a feeling people will say this isn't how you discipline your child. I didn't get a lot of whoopings but I had to do a lot of push ups and laps in my bad ass days.

Did anyone here have to go get a switch?

Did the father go too far or do we need more fathers following his example?


I knew this video was gonna be from worldstarhihop before I even opened the thread lol.

yeah I used to have to do that... that was worse than the whippin some times hahaha

EDIT: This thread is going to be pure entertainment gold.


Q. Was it the thread title or because I posted it?

A. Both

Heh I had to do that when I visited my grandma in the country. City living has it's perks lol.


Since the first part of the video had all the jibber jab about marriage, prison and college this book seemed nice and relevant. "Is Marriage for White People?"


I nominate this father for "Father of the year".

This child will never ever disrespect any adult that crosses because he will always remember this day.

This kid will one day thank his father for this ass whooping. More people need to do this to their children...I am talking about all races, white...black...latins...asians!

Good Job Sir!!


Dude, let's not pretend that was the first time this kid has been through that.

That motherfucker looked PRACTICED!


Uh... video removed?


the title lol

the only real problem I had with the video was the fathers language. I wouldnt be dropping F bombs around my kid (i dont have any yet) but the rest (disciplin stuff) i was pretty much fine with


I'm guessing he hit him?

No, that is not the way to raise children. If it gets to the point that you are having to hit them for them to respect you, it means you have failed as a parent up to that point. Handling situations appropriately, with consistency, prevents children from turning in to rotten brats.


Here's the vid:


Can't wait until the police discipline the father.


You must be a very good parent to your children, then.

You DO have kids, right?


For what?

People might not like how he disciplined his son but he didn't do anything illegal.


I thought spanking was legal but belts, et al were illegal?


My opinion might be shit, because I'm no parent. That being said...

I grew up in a house with a parent who's affiliated with Child Protective Services. Other than some spankings early on in my life, I had a lot of "alternative" forms of punishment.

None of them worked.

Time out? - What exactly is keeping me in "time out?"
Stern talking to? - Whatever, go fuck yourself.
No dinner? - Good, your food tastes like shit anyway. (lie)

Luckily, I think myself and sibling(s) turned out okay, for whatever reason. I had respect for all authority figures except my own parents, and that's not something I could personally handle as a parent, if I had to guess.

I think most of it was tough love, and could have been warranted. Can't say for sure.

As for how this will shape his development, I'd like to believe that this means he will be courteous and respectful of those above him, but it's too tough to tell. There are so many insane social and outlying factors that go into shaping a persons' development.


I'm not a lawyer but I don't think there's any law preventing parents from striking their kids with belts, shoes, hangers, switches, extension cords, race track pieces, sack of oranges, ect.

You just can't (read: shouldn't) go overboard with it. No bruises or marks left afterwards. Schools don't play when it comes to that kind of stuff.


technically speaking, although it does look like he did use the belt, for all we know they could have gone off screen, instructed the child to scream while he yells at him

in any case, I don't think uploading this was the man's best decision


My mother was smart. She just twisted our arms around until we listened.

No marks, no screams. Just pain.


No, I just work with them and spend about as much time around them and personally responsible for them as most parents do, 5 days a week, and even longer on occasional weekends.


You can physically restrain a child (without violence) to make them sit in time out. Also, when a kid refuses to sit in time out, or do what they are told, you simply do not allow them to DO anything else until they sit in time out. You can also take away privileges the longer they refuse to do what you say. If they KNOW they are going to have to do it eventually (once again, consistency is key, you can't ever let them get away with bad behavior, or they will just keep trying it) they will figure out, sooner rather than later, that it is best to just get it done with.