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FatGripz or Grip4Orce If Your Hands are Big


Which is harder for people with big hands? I have big hands and so the bars, barbells, and dumbbells at my gym take little to no effort to grip securely, so I never get a good forearm workout. Consequently my forearms are pretty skinny.

I've looked at the grip4orce videos, and it doesn't seem that hard to close one or keep the opening pointing into the palm of hand for a person with big hands. FatGripz are thicker, perhaps that is better?

Anyway, for people with big hands, which (Grip4Orce or FatGripz) would give a better grip/forearm workout?


get Fatgripz cos they wrap all around the bar


Fat gripz are pretty good.

That being said, neither of these kind of products are going to work like 'magic bullets' to give you super-impressive forearms IMO. Adding more weight to the bar generally & getting stronger on stuff like curls, hammer curls, reverse curls, rows, shrugs, dl's etc is still where it's at.


Tried both - Fatgripz MUCH better. Much more solid, much more like a thick bar. Grip4orce are like tongs - you have to hold them on the bar which is not a bad idea but its annoying to use and not suitable for heavy benching etc


big guy Dave Tate benching with fatgripz...