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Fatass No More, at Last!


hi there guys, i,ve been training like for a year, and i'm pretty happy with my stregth gains, but not with my body, i weight 115kg!!!!! that's reaaly fat, i think i got like 20 overweight, and i decided to lose some of this repulsive, uncomfortable and huge belly, and other fat body parts.

i have read a lot of articles about fat loss in last week, and my first action will be cutting carbs, eating lots of vegetables, more protein, only carbs in the morning and postworkout, drink lots of water, adding 20 mins of cardio after my weight session and hard and medium session on my off days.

sorry for the bad english, i'm from mexico.

i would apreciatte a lot if you help me guys, i've been fat all of my life, and today starts the road to a better body and better life.

i'm 17 years old, train heavy 4 days a week. i'm obviouslly a beginner in this of diets, but i know that you guys know very well about this and i wanna learn all i can from you.


No te preocupes por el inglés, dude, we understand you just fine. Sounds like you're on a good path. Is fat loss your main priority right now, then?


Sounds like your head is in the right place. Diet will probably be your biggest obstacle so do yourself a huge favor and start a food log today:



yes it is, before i used to care only in my strength, 'cause you know what it feels to be stronger than other guys, but lately i've feel really uncomfortable with my self, and i decided just to change that.

please askme anything in order to help me,
my actual routine is

Dadlift - work up to a 1-3 RM
BB row- 5x5
Negative chins-2x failure
BB curl- 5x5
some grip work

Bench Press- work up to a 1-3 RM
Incline bench press- 5x5
BB Military press- 5x5
Close grip bench press-5x5

some forearm work

Squat- work up to a 1-3 RM
Good mornings- 5x5
Stiff Lgleg deadlift- 5x5
Floor glute ham raise- 3x failure
some grip and ab work

sunday i start the cycle again.
i have got nice results from training like this, but eating to much


Good deal. People tend to underestimate their caloric intake by 40%, and overestimate their caloric expenditure by about the same amount, according to my IFPA PFT book. Putting it in writing makes one able to truly quantify it.


i agree guys, mmmm would you make me a favor, could you mention where to find the energy content of the food, you know, calories per gram, or proteins per x quantity.(link to a page)

so i can manage my food log, thaks a lot guys, it's really nice to know that i'm not alone on the track, thanks a lot


Aquí tienes alguos sitios web, dude... just a few, but they do seem to be pretty comprehensive. Good luck!





that was really helpfull


wow dudes, i've only diet 3 days and without exagerating i can feel the diference, what i've done is trully increase my protein intake, lots of vegetables, less carbs on no training days, and cardio in my off days, will post my advances


Might want to start a log then.

Consistency is everything.