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Fatalyzer 1.0

Hey, T-Men…I was just wondering if any of you have ever heard of the Fatalyzer 1.0 software. Basically, it calculates your bodyfat based on three sites (chest, abdominal and thigh). These are the standard sites in the Jackson and Pollock 3-site equation. You just enter in your age and the measurement of the sites in mm and it spits out a nice number (well, maybe not nice). Even though the actual measurements are the most important things to look at, I know some of us really like numbers! It’s a decent tool to use at your own disposal, I think anyway. Just to forewarn you though, I input my three measurements (age 20): chest 3, abdomen 4.5 and thigh 4 and got something like 2.63%. So, user beware.

Any margin of error would come from your measurements, not the software. With the numbers that you plugged in though, that sounds right. Something makes me believe that you are not pinching correctly. I don’t know anyone who is under 3%BF, or would want to be. Also, I found a program called BodyComp which is similiar, but allows for 7 site as well, along with a couple equation variations. Just punch it into a search engine and I’m sure it will show up. Take care.

Tben, thanks for the input, bro. Those measurements were done on my own, so I’m sure they’re on the low side. I’m sure there’s a bit more there to pinch. I’ll check out the BodyComp program. Do you ever do your own skinfolds?

I occasionally take my own skinfolds, but the only area that seems to change is the abdominal. I used to be obsessed with numbers, and still am to some degree- However I’ve since learned to rely more on the naked eye and a measuring tape to let me know of gains or losses.