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Fatabolic Workouts of TnT

Thanks, my friend! It gives me something else to do and think about.

Did the stuff before it go up? That’s where it’s tricky when you do your bigger moves later. It makes me cranky too, but the long term trend works out

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Good question. I only walk on the treadmill then do leg curls and some type of pulldown/up before but yep, I was tired and tryin to stir up energy, so they all went up.

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9/17/20, Thursday, UB pump


  • Rear flyes, tri ext, laterals, curls, ohp x 10 lbs x 15

Dip machine

  • 145 x 10
  • 175 x 7
  • 205 x 4 x 8
  • bw x 2 x 8 (real dips), supersetted with

Pulldowns (wobble-cable machine)

  • 145 x 3 x 8

Seated rows (wobble-cable machine)

  • 150 x 4 x 10

So. I went off-script. Why? There was an ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL* single woman, who appeared to be around my age, working out with a married (female) friend at the machines next to mine. I had no other choice.

Asterisk added because the gyms here, per mandate, require masks. As far as I could tell, she’s gorgeous. I chatted ever-so-briefly with her, and she seemed pleasant beneath the mask, too. Moving on…

Standing DB OHP

  • 45 x 4 x 10, supersetted with

Face pulls

  • 20 x 4 x 10

Behind back cable wrist curls

  • 80 x 15, 12, supersetted with

EZ bar reverse curls

  • 40 x 10, 11
    Pullups started bothering my elbows. Washed-Up Meathead has a forearm segment, which is perfect for my needs.

4 rounds of:

  • 500 meter rows + 20 push-ups

Twas timely to chat with @ChongLordUno, @dagill2, and @TrainForPain about changing programs to fit personal needs. Tonight’s workout was adaptive training at its finest. And who knows? Perhaps she’ll be back in the near fyootch and we’ll chat again.


Agreed. The sense of relief is now budding.

Precisely. I didn’t get closure last time, and I get the sense she didn’t, either. After two decades, a measure of certainty was needed.

And yes! Time to take a leap forward into the life that God has planned for me!!

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TnT (Zack; I’ve shared my name elsewhere in my log and don’t mind a handful of others knowing it) is originally from rural New Mexico with parents from the Midwest. As a wee little 'un, my hero was Marty Robbins, my dream to be a cowboy. Some decades later, I don’t often listen to (modern) country, but Keith Urban’s lyrics are on point.

I’ll reply to your fantastic post in the near future.

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Yep, absolutely. I think she’s wanting to keep me on the string, but whatever. Neither of us can heal and move forward by maintaining a quasi-dating “friendship,” so I’ll be moving on without her. Thank you for telling it straight.

That where I’m hoping to end up with this relationship, although indirectly. Because of the situational specifics, I think it’ll be best to simply always have other plans if/when she wants to get together. If not, I’ll be direct. Time will tell.

Exactly right. Either the woman wants to feel like she’s a good person, like you said, or she’s holding onto a backup plan. Regardless of her motives, the only healthy response is to burn the boat and tromp forward into new, uncharted territory of life without her.

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Precisely. It’s not fair or beneficial for either party.

No worries! Tl; dr - on/off best friend and girlfriend of 20 years, she dumped me after our 4th dating attempt. She wants to stay friends, but I’m out.

I appreciate you stopping by and taking a moment to inadvertently share a word of wisdom - she wants to keep me as a backup plan. You and Chong validated what others in my in-person social circle are saying. Sometimes, in matters of the heart or emotions, we need to hear the same message many times for it to sink in.


I’m pretty stubborn man, I need this in every area of life.

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It’s still about goal achievement, right? At least that’s my justification. If your goal is specific or competition-related, it’s not bright to do whatever you want. If it’s to blow off steam or meet women, well, then do that.

I realize how much that sounds like an excuse to let me be lazy!

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9/18/20, Friday, cardio


  • 30:00, 10-13 resist, 2.71 mi

Felt good. This elliptical is less laborious than the other, which kept my heart rate a hair lower. I streched before, which was much needed. Tomorrow will either be a rest day or a cardio-to-forget-my-sorrows day.


9/21/20, Monday, ME upper body

Low incline Smith bench

  • 45 x 15
  • 95 x 8
  • 135 x 3
  • 150 x 1
  • 165 x 1
  • 180 x 1
  • 200 x 2 (2 pps)
  • 190 x 2
    180 was really light, and flap’s AMRAP sets with 2 plates per side on low incline Smith inspired me, so I figured what heck, why not? The program calls for a 3-5 set, which I reckon I’ll hack away at til I get all 5 reps.

Low incline DB bench

  • 60 x 20, 18, supersetted with

Pec deck reverse flyes

  • 90 x 14, 14

Seated machine rows, wobble cable

  • 125 x 5
  • 150 x 4 x 11, supersetted with

Pec deck reverse flyes

  • 90 x 14, 14 then

Standing DB OHP

  • 55 x 3 x 7

Barbell curls

  • 65 x 50 total

Life suddenly got busy, so I haven’t been able to train since Monday. I learned yesterday I’m nearly the heaviest, ergo fattest, I’ve ever been. FatZack activated. I’m not particularly pleased with this development and am slowly militating towards the inevitable conclusion that my diet needs to change.

I’m starting with small tweaks, like drinking a cup of green tea nearly every day, eating a few carrots daily, and finding one way to decrease calories at each meal, like eating one piece of toast instead of two or skipping mayo on a sandwich. I plan to take a month to settle into these small changes then reassess.

I currently weigh 208.2 pounds, which I’m rounding to 210. I approach weight loss in five-pound milestone increments, which means my way (weigh) points :sweat_smile: are 205, 200, and 195. My ideal weight is 190, but I’ll take stock when I reach 195.

I’m continuing with the Washed-Up Meathead template for training but have to tweak leg day, because my hip ached for five days after last week’s session. I don’t know what the culprit was, since I made a few changes that day and have also increased my landscaping activities. Instead of basing the lifting around a max-effort exercise, I might change to higher rep isolation exercises (leg curls and extensions, calf presses), single-leg press on the horizontal leg press machine (easier on lower back, beloved by all the physical therapists I’ve been to), and rounds of goblet squats, walking lunges, abs, and maybe a hinge some sort. @JMaier31, do you have insights o advice about what type of lifts I should do or not do? Smith machine squats are out, Smith deadlifts might be, too.

So, that’s TnT’s training sitrep. To stay partially on track, tonight is upper body pump night, and I plan to do a hybrid legs pump day and LISS tomorrow.


Sadly, if you have a hip problem then I’d say the answer is single leg movements where you don’t go past 90 degrees of hip flexion.


Thanks for replying, you confirmed what I’ve suspected. Have a great camping trip!

9/25/20, Friday, UB pump

4 rounds of 500 meter rowing machine + 25 push-ups

Dip machine

  • 175 x 5
  • 190 x 5
  • 205 x 2 x 10, supersetted with

Pulldowns, wide-neutral grip

  • 140 x 4 x 10


  • bw x 2 x 10, supersetted with

Seated cable rows, wide-neutral grip

  • 140 x 2 x 8

Standing DB OHP

  • 45 x 3 x 12, supersetted with

Rear delt flyes

  • 20 x 3 x 12

Reverse db curls

  • 20 x 2 x 12

DB wrist curls

  • 25 x 2 x 20

DB twist curls

  • 35 x 2 x 10

9/26/20, Saturday, LE (legs, experimental)

Single leg horizontal press

  • 40, 50, 60, 70 x 10
    Holy freaking discovered-legs weakness. This hammered my glutes and hams with an embarrassingly small weight - excellent.

Single leg calf press

  • 1 pps x 4 x 15


  • 22:00, 2.19 mi, 12 resist

Later, in the Zack Cave

4-way barbell warm-up

  • OH squats, reverse lunges, thrusters, 45* lunges x 45 lb x 5

Front squats

  • 95 x 5
  • 115 x 5
  • 135 x 5 x 2

Deficit deadlifts

  • 135, 165, 195 x 5
  • 205, 225, 250 x 2
  • 275 x 5 x 2

I’m hoping an @ActivitiesGuy -like approach will rehab my hip. If I don’t feel any adverse effects in the next few days, I’ll keep 5 x 2 for both lifts, adding five pounds each week to the front squats and a rep per set to the deficit deadlifts. If my hip hurts, I’ll have to cut one or both for a while.

It felt good to squat and deadlift a barbell instead of on a Smith machine. Maybe the free bar path will help. Relatedly, I might add a second leg day, returning to an upper/lower, four times per week split. Cardio remains a priority though, so we’ll see.