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Fat Women Shouldn't Wear Bikinis


I took a trip out to Strong Island last weekend to the beach. As I was cold chillin' nursing a 40 on the sly with some of my peeps checking out the ladies on the beach, it seemed like everywhere the ol'Meth's eyes turned it beheld fat ass bitches wearing two piece bikins. Is it just me or did back in the day, women like this wore one piece suits and covered up their fat bellies, stretch marks and cottage cheese? Shit, I can even think of women who could have sported a two piece and looked good wearing a one piece because they were either modest or didn't want the attention.

Gone is the modesty and apparently the shame too of being fat.


She built a fence without using her hands. AWESOME.




Wow. Well, that's a woman proud of her curves.


Now, tell me that they're not hot!


Yes indeed.

She looks like a stack of pancakes.


Oh god.

It'd be so cool if there were pics of them after they'd dropped the weight.




Yeah, and with all that lose skin! HOT!


Oh.....shit. How old are you dude? Why the fuck would you write like that? Write & Speak fucking proper English, the fact that most of your words are spelled correctly I can tell your just being a douche on purpose. Or that you know how to use spell check. Stop catering to the lowest common denominator and grow up dude.

And who the fuck still drinks 40's????


The thing is is that this woman and last woman you posted are not really fat they just need better bathing suits and maybe a dose of reality too.


how about you post a pic of you, really you, and then we can decide what you can wear?

You are just a scab on the skin of humanity.

also, I do think you are a total troll right up there with HH and Clip


Although, IH seems to support you with this thread and is adding pics. Seems like he is feeling your post.

yay... more ugliness on T-Nation.


Its what we do best.


and apparently some do it more often then others


IH knows this guy's a troll and adding pics to diffuse the situation, because he's sure that a good discussion will not be had in this thread.


Good discussion? That hasn't happened since 2005. Its just cat pics and trolls, IH.


There's hardly been any cat pics, either.

I'll post some in you honor, then.


don't be silly, those did nothing to diffuse the situation. You just threw fat on the fire. BUT.. I am so sure you provoked lots of laughs on those folks expense. So... all is good right?


Apparently Headhunter watched a certain Wayans Brother movie and a Method Man music video countdown back to back. He was inspired to be ignorant again.