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Fat with PWO Shake-What to Think?


Im really curious about this one.

Some serious strenght and nutrition expert say that protein need fat to be best absorbed, the logic being every protein food contain fat(egg,meat,milk,etc.).

But others say that fat slow absorbtion of protein, something you don't want post workout.

What you 0.02 cent on that one? thanks guy and by the way, T-Nation IS FUCKING AWESOME.


It really doesn't matter, as long as you hit your calorie goal for the day it won't make a huge difference.

If your that worried about it just drink a protein shake right after you lift, then eat a solid meal 30-45 minutes later.


agree with k-man32. id say no fats after your workout. unless your on a keto diet and your main source of energy is from fats. other wise save the fats for your meal 1 hour after your PWO shake


Sounds like majoring in the minors to me.


wait for it

wait for it



Thanks for you great tips man. That's what I do but I tought that on this forum someone would have a scientific opinion on that.


You are 180lbs @ 5'11" and 18 years old... I assume that isn't contest shape.

having fat or not post workout should be the last fucking thing you are worried about. When you are at an advanced level of development, your other factors of diet and training are dead on, THEN worry about the minuscule difference in absorption rates of powdered protein.