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Fat vs Muscle

I have been serious bb training for about 6 months now having just dabbled in weights before hand and am a bit perplexed about my weight.

I am currently hovering around the 200lb mark and have done for the last 6 months yet i have made noticable gains in muscle development. I am 5’9 and have bf% about 12. I try to eat 6 times a day
Protein shake+ 2xTetrazene ES-50, multi V+calcium supp (dont drink milk)
5 egg whites or bowl of muesli oatmeal
Pre workout
2x Tetrazene
Protein shake. 5 egg whites+ myocytin creatine stack

Bowl oatmeal+ something with a bit og sugar
2x Tetrazene, steak lettuce and tomato
Protein shake before bed

I generally work out for about 2 hours in early afternoon after 12

Any suggestions comments anything at all would be awesome

If your bf% really is that low at that height and weight then you are doing awesome. It’s possible to stay the same weight and make gains in muscle mass, as you could be simultaneously decreasing bodyfat levels.

Are you getting stronger too?

Yeh i have made considerable improvements to the point i am benching 5x5 220lb
Shoulder press
5x5 60lb
Concentration curl
5x10 65lb
5x5 265 (i have weak knees)

As a beginner, unless your goal is to simply stay the same weight, you are short changing yourself if you don’t eat enough to make the most of the gains you make at that time.

People who weigh less than you eat more than that on a cutting diet.

Did you make weight gains eating that?

What should i eat more of?

Eat the yolks man, eat the yolks. Lots of the beneficial nutrients are in there, and dietary cholesterol is proving to not be as bad for you as hyped…eat the yolks