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Fat Volume vs Muscle Volume?

couldn’t think of where else to post this…

what’s the difference in volume between fat and muscle. i have a figure in my head of a pound of fat taking up 4 or 5 times as much volume as a pound of muscle but can’t recall exactly.

if anybody can help me out that would be great. thanks

good question. I am curious as well.

This brings up a related question, but how is it that someone can look 200 lbs but only weigh 180, whereas someone else can look 180 but weigh 200. A perfect example is the fighters on UFC. Sometimes they looked jacked but weigh less then they look, while other fighters look skinny for their weight(nick diaz).

I did a quick Google and found this:

Fat has specific gravity
around 0.9, muscle around 1.3, and bone around 1.8

So for a given mass, the fat will have a volume about 1.44 times that of lean muscle.

Hope this helps,

thanks Dax