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Fat Trainee on Calorie Deficit During Deca Cycle?

I understand that a lean trainee to gain muscle needs to be in a surplus, however

will a trainee who is 60 pounds overweight and in a calorie deficit build muscle on 200mg per week of deca for 12 weeks?

Does bodyfat get converted to energy, that is then used by the body to build muscle?

Will it be a waste of deca because you must be in a surplus to build muscle?

Maybe, maybe not. Depends on a few things like genetics, how hard you are working out, how much of a deficit…

This can happen if everything is done intelligently.

You don’t need to be in a surplus to gain muscle in all situations. Newbies often can eat at maintenance and build muscle and lose fat.

Do not run a Deca only cycle. You need to have Test. TBH, lose the weight first. Cycling while fat isn’t a good idea for many reasons. Based on your question, I am assuming this is a first cycle? Deca should be used in later cycles. It isn’t an easy drug to manage for many.

You will not look good if you need to lose 60 lbs of fat even if you were to build 10 lbs of muscle and lose 10 lbs of fat.

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On trt. 200mg per week test cyp. Was 310 March 2020 down to 260.

IMO, you should be able to cut well on 200 mg of test. I don’t think you necessarily need to be shredded to blast, but being lean (try to get to having a 4 pack) is a good idea.

I am also on TRT. I have chosen to do test blasts with mild orals (Anavar and Tbol) on the back end of the blast (mid 2nd cycle now, and haven’t tried the Tbol yet). I think your risk with this method is a lot lower than going straight to Deca. Maybe just take your test dose and double it for the first, triple for the second if the first blast goes well. After that you could dabble in other AAS. But get lean, and learn how to use higher dose Test first. That is what I would do and I am doing (well I have added mild orals too).

This is great progress. Keep doing this for now. Wait until you are at least pretty lean to up the dose.

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