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Fat Track Caliper

For those of you guys that ordered this caliper, does it give you the option of measuring more than three sites to enter into your own equation? Thanks in advance.

Hyok, I don’t have my FatTrack calipers handy, as I’ve loaned them to a friend who is competing in bodybuilding shows the next two weekends, but I don’t remember them being set up for anything more than three sites.

Hyok, only 3 sites. I rarely even use it anymore, because I never get a consistent reading. One minute I’m 9.6, next I’m 11.9.

Thanks, John. Actually, I was wondering if it shows the raw mm numbers so that I could input them into my own spreadsheet.

Hey, Brooklyn Mike, if you don’t want yours, maybe you could sell it to me. For a price worth shipping across the country of course :wink:

Save your money. The calipers aren’t worth $10. Mine broke within 2 weeks.

Go for “THE BODY CALIPER”. It’s sold for anywhere between $40 and $80. It is a hard plastic caliper with a good, solid spring. It seems to be pretty accurate almost as good as the $400 Lange calipers. Most importantly, the spring seems consistent. Plus it comes with a very nice case.