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Fat to Fit Transformation

Hello! I am 38. height is 5.8"ish. I started my fat loss mission in July 2017. I was 88 Kg that time, then I reached 67Kg after a year and now I am 70Kg.

I am going gym 6 days a week. did clean diet.

Here are my before and after.

I am 88 KG in below pix.

I reached 67 KG in following pix.

my Current weight is 70 KG. and my transfermation is as below.

when I will be more big? what Shoudl I do to get more better and defined muscles? Hope you gues can help and guide me further.



What is your current diet and training regimen? Be specific about what you are eating and the timing thereof. What are you training each of your days? Nice progress so far! Congrats.

Thank for response! my diet is as following.

Breakfast: Six Egg whites ( some time hard boiled and some time omerlate with onion, spinach and green chilies) with two bran bread slices.

snack: fruit and some nuts

Lunch: Chicken breast large, Roti ( whole wheat bread Pakistani) low fat yogurt on cup, Green salad.

snack: some fruit ( dates, banana, grapes etc)

Dinner: Chicken breast large ( barbeque or roast without oil and skin) with again Roti ( whole wheat Bread)

Pre workout: pre workout supplement, during work out: cell tech one scoop. Post workout: two scoop whey protien from Dymatise iso.

6 egg whites hard boil.

I workout at night.

doing weight lifting. bench press is 20-30kg plates only. cant lift more. legg press: 140kg. barbel curl: 5kg plates only. dumble press 15-20kg.


I think your diet is mostly fine, although I’d include at least 1 or more additional vegetable, maybe at dinner. Overall not bad though, you can just adjust quantities up and down depending on what you whether you want your weight to go up or down.

Your muscles don’t look big yet because you’re not lifting very heavy yet. Unfortunately, muscular development will usually take quite a bit longer than fat loss. The key is to keep going to the gym regularly, and pushing yourself hard with the weights when you’re there. My advice would be to read through weight lifting programs in the article section of this site, and just pick one that you think you’ll enjoy. Most weight lifting programs work. Effort is a more important variable than the particular program you choose.


Thank you very much for your advice! I will definitely look for weight lifting program. Unfortunately I dont have much strength! I had never pick weight even 10kg in my life! But I started year ago with 2.5kg dumbbells. Now I have increase strength but limited to 10-15kg dumbbells only! :pensive: i was thinking to try a cycle with proper guide! But some friends are suggesting not to do!

You should not be touching steroids.

Do you have access to any gym or strength equipment at all? If not, can you afford to buy some? if you can spend the money on steroids, you certainly can afford some second hand weights, a sandbag and some sand, and some strongman stuff like an axle, and that will do you quite a bit more good than a cycle of steroids where you aren’t lifting anything heavier than 10kg.

You started a new thread but I don’t think you are going to get a different answer. Most are going to advise you stay away from the juice for now. Listen to flip and work on your strength with a consistent program. You keep saying how weak you are. That gives you a lot of opportunities for progress. Just try to get stronger every week. Believe me, if you stay consistent the strength will come and the muscles will follow.

Yes i go to gym, its a good n modern gym!
Every friend is saying not to use steroids! Shouldnt i even use a small amount like 100 mg per week of test for 8 weeks? Or else I will follow your advice and wont touch Roids.
Thanks for your concern n advise bro! :blush: cheers

No you shouldn’t even use a small amount. It doesn’t work that way… a small amount is potentially the worst route as it will shut you down and yield you very little if any gains. You are doing excellent so far and probably need to change your routine. I can’t really tell what your lifting program looks like from your description. Have you been lifting the same exercises for awhile now or do you already change it up?


Others with more direct expertise than I should comment - I have never used steroids and am certainly no expert in their effects - but everything that I have read on the subject would say that this is a bad idea, as blshaw just said above.

Many people seem to turn to steroids, or consider steroids, because they think they’re some sort of magic elixir. Which they kind of are, I guess, but if you haven’t learned to eat and train well enough to make good progress without them, you’re going to waste a lot of the potential benefit. @Chris_Colucci once told a story of a possible client that was spending hundreds of dollars per month on supplements who couldn’t even get basics of nutrition and training right. Spend your time and effort there first.

Many people that pop up on here asking about steroids also seem just flat-out unaware of how much progress it’s possible to make naturally.

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Like all the guys are saying, you can see great progress by improving your training and nutrition. Steroids are absolutely not something to be considering right now for reasons that’ve already been covered.

Think back when you first decided to be a photographer. Did you immediately buy the best camera you could afford and send an e-mail to the Victoria’s Secret company saying “Send me your models. I want to take pictures of them.”

No, you (hopefully) didn’t. You worked on the basics, developed your skills, got better and better, and worked your way up to where ever you are now. Same idea with training and nutrition. You’ve seen some really good progress so far, and you can get even further without touching steroids.