Fat to Fire

So after a couple days off after doing 4 weeks of renaissance man, I decided to do CD’s Fat to Fire program (more for the conditioning than anything else, as I play soccer and tennis). Today was the first day and I’m sorry to say that I only got through the circuit three times before having to stop due to me keeling over and putting my hand over my mouth to keep from puking, and I could barely hold my shake down afterwards.

The thing is though, I didn’t really hit failure in any of the exercises (I know you’re not supposed to), or use too heavy weights, as all of them were either 50% of my 1RM or lower (except possibly the dumbell hang pulls and good mornings, having never done them before). So I figured that my conditioning can’t be that bad, and there must be some other reason for this.
I guess it could be because I’ve been getting less than 7 hours of sleep for over a week, or not drinking and eating enough the last couple of days, or not having eaten or drank any water since 5:30 am (i lifted at 4), or having lifted inside a dingy 100 degree garage.

My question is, should I continue with fat to fire, and just try to get more sleep (I’m already going back to my regular 3000+ kcal and 1 gallon+ nutritional habits), or should I wait a little more and let my body rest to prevent overtraining?

I’m pretty sure that I can nail the next workouts as long as I eat before lifting and don’t go overboard on the poundages, but I’m a little worried about suffering from overtraining. Do you think that as long as I return to normal (I had an extremely busy week), I’ll be ok?


You’re conditioning might just be that bad. I think you should continue and just do as many circuits as you can until you can do them all.