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Fat to Fire

Coach Davies recommends doing his workout after you haven’t eaten for 2 or 3 hours so GH is elevated. Does this fit in at all with John Baerardi’s recommendation of consuming Surge during workout. Will drinking Surge screw the whole point of the Fat to Fire workout up?

btw - preferably the session should be in the morning.

In faith,

Coach Davies

Training on an empty stomach or at least 2.5 hours after your last meal was the premise the old Cybergenics programs used to abide by.

It seems counter productive with all of today’s literature, but it sure seemed to work for me. I put on like 6 lbs of muscle and lost like 10 lbs of fat in only 8 weeks.

I haven’t had results close to those since. The problem is, the program was so brutal. Back to your point, training on an empty stomach did seem to work.

I just finished a 3-week cycle of F2F and it worked great. Brutal as hell, but, with a good diet, I lost 7 lbs of fat in 3 weeks. I didn’t use any pre-workout meals, so I would argue that you should go with what works.

I’ve read that when there’s food in the digestive tract a lot of circulation is diverted from the extremities to the internal organs. Is this true? (Is it even possible?)

If it is, then it does make sense to wait until the digestive tract is mostly empty, so the peripheral circulation is at its best and can get nutrients to the muscles.

Since Surge requires so little digestion, it wouldn’t make much difference, right?

I’m just theorizing here. Maybe an expert can verify or not.