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fat to fire

Anybody giving Coach Davies “Fat to Fire” workout a try. I started on Monday and the workout is intense! I’m using T2, MD6, and Methoxy 7. Eating “don’t diet, diet” and already see and feel a loss of bf. I am looking forward to resting over the weekend. Anybody have any thoughts about the program?

I started “Fat to Fire” on Tuesday. What surprised me was although the intensity is low (i.e percentage of 1RM), by mid workout I was sucking serious wind. The cumulative fatigue kicks in quick. So far so good. I did notice that the moderate GPP on off days seems to help loosen the tightness from the weight workouts. I’m currently taking MD6, T2 and Tribex.

i’m using it in addition to cy’s steroid dieting (basically a fat fast) and using mag-10. i reduced volume to only 4 sets for each exercise and i’m still having trouble. gpp is fun though and i’m getting better at jump rope. bodyfat changes is very noticeable in abdominal region and weight/fat loss is excellent.

Erld, are you going to stop at three weeks or push it. My usual cycle lasts 4 weeks so I may hit it for one more week than recommended. I’m with you on the sucking wind part! My calfs are killing me from the 3 minute jumprope rounds, I usually did 3 X 2 min. rounds to warm-up. Good luck, I’ll post with results in about a month.

Kali - I will probably use the routine for the recommended three weeks. Prior to this I started Meltdown for a week and as usual changed the routine. I usually do 5 sets for each exercise and will increase it to 6 for the next two weeks. Good Luck

i’ve been doin the program sinc monday jan. 7, and have noticed quite a difference. i’ve been using the t-dawg diet to the “t” so i have been getting my ass kicked in the gym, lo carbs and all. the gpp is great cause like u said, it gets rid of the stiffness from the weights. i’m not that badly out of shape, but i just finished a 8 week bulking cycle so i still had about 10lbs to lose, but i cut that in half since starting the program. i lost a lot of water as well, from 210 to about 198 now. anyway, its a great program and i recommend anyone try it.

Starting my second week of Fat to Fire. Things seem to be working out well. One thing I would recommend is not to go to heavy on this routine. Pick a weight that you can do 12 times and do it 10. By the 4th Circuit, the weight feels really heavy. Fat seems to be melting off nicely. I plan on tightening up my diet for the next two weeks. Should be fun.

i started today…i am doing sprints that davies has his football players along with the program…does the weight of the medicine ball matter, the only medicine ball i have is a 5 pounder and seem to light, should i use a heavier dumbbell? i am using a 30x0 tempo,

week two and still going strong. lost 7 lbs and 4mm off the waist caliper measurement. After the two days off the jumprope went really well, love the GPP days. One thing I noticed is the second and third weight workout is eaiser than the first (leg day) workout. The 4 pack is turning into a 6 pack! I think I got about another two to three weeks left in me! I’ll re-evaluate by the end of week three. MD6 really helps get you going in the morning. Good luck to all of you.