Fat to Fire routine trouble

I’ve been powerlifting for the last three years. Today was my first day of Coach Davie’s program. I am not used to the high reps and no rest. I did the first circuit pretty well. Second barely made it. On the third, I nearly passed out, and had to stop after the 3 exercise db hang pulls. My question is that, should I just keep going with more rest. Or should I just try to improve by one circuit every workout? I would appreciate any feedback.

               Thank you,
                Bruno N.

I’m not Coach Davies but my guess is that you should just keep trying to improve by the circuit. You kind of defeat the purpose by increasing the rest time (and decreasing the intensity) so you may as well decrease the volume instead.

Gradually increase the intensity to avoid injury. Do not blindly follow a routine for the sake of it unless it fits in with your training age and type and most importantly your goals. High reps will not make you very strong. It will increase your lactic system and cardiovascular system.

Know the feeling, just did my first fat2fire this morning. I thought I’d missed counting a circuit! because I wasn’t feeling too hot by the time 4th time round came up. I have done meltdown and this one is nasty! I only had 45 sec rests between “supersets” but kept the weights relatively light and for rounds 5 and 6 only did 8 reps! So anyway I’d suggest go light with the weights 8-10reps and maybe take the rest upto 60secs. It should get easier :slight_smile:

I’m also trying this with the fat fast diet so I have great potential to turn into a mess relatively quickly. But it’s only 21 days!!!

Cheers Kiwi

Go for gold brotha, do all you can do but like DL said. If the intensity decreases and rest increases it’s defeated it’s purpose. Just push yourself more and more, the shape and tolerance increases dramatically so by the end of the second week you should be just fine and coming close to completed the entire routine.

Great to hear you are enjoying the training. Its a tough workout but you will get great results from. “DL” had it completely right. Good luck and I hope to hear from you. In faith, Coach Davies

Thaks everyone