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Fat to Fire Questions

In the Fat to Fire article, John Davies recommended doing the workouts first thing in the morning. I am reluctant to do this, though, for fear of losing too much muscle mass. After all, the first thing I do every morning is gulp down some protein shake to stop nighttime catabolism! Please tell me if my fear is wrong. If I may add, I do understand that GH peaks when glucose levels are low, but would the positives of training first thing in the morning without consuming any food be outweighed by the negatives? Please let me know what you think. Also, I normally drink 1/2 serving of Surge prior and during my weight training sessions and 1/2 after. Based on the information presented in the article, I am assuming John Davies intends for me to drink all of my Surge after the Fat to Fire weight training sessions and none before or during. If I am wrong, please correct me. I already did a search in the forum and didn’t find anything on the above, but forgive me if I am reiterating what has already been asked/said.


Most people are fine training first thing in the morning, unless they are really lean (like BF% less than 8%). As long as you are eating sensible post-workout nutrition and enough calories throughout the day, a morning workout will tend to burn even more fat and you will keep most of your muscle.

The goal of the “fat to fire” article was to drop bodyfat. Unless you presently have a lower percentage of bodyfat, concern over training in the morning before eating isnt warranted. You are quite correct in your comment of GH spike with low glucose levels. I would be pleased to discuss with you more in order to help you achieve your goals. In faith, Coach Davies