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Fat to Fire Question


In the Article Coach D says

"Many athletes find that 50% of their max is less than 10 reps, so please modify accordingly. That intensity level may seem too low, but the cumulative effect of the training load will hit hard by mid workout. "

Does this mean that we are supposed to simply divide our one rep max in half, or take whatever we think is our ten rep max and use that, cause the two numbers could be pretty different, and I am not sure what the "modify accordingly means". In other words, Say my max is 250 or so, but I can do 185 for 10 reps. Do I use the 125 (250x 50%) or the 185. The 125 seems low, but I imagine it will be tough as hell by the 6th sets




I asked the same question a little while ago. People tend to over estimate their 1RM, or dont go all the way to 50% of it. I found this out because I nearly threw up and passed out in my third set. Had to call it quits for the day. So, swallow your pride, drop the weight. You'll have to in order to survive F2F.