Fat to Fire question for Coach Davies

I just started this program last week and really like it so far. I tried searching the forum to see if this was allready answered and couldn’t find anything so if this has allready been answered i apologize. The article said that the tempo should be 402 for large muscle groups and 302 for smaller groups. Some of the movements are supposed to be explosive movements though, right? For the medicine ball wood chop, dumbbell hang cleans, barbell hang cleans, & dumbbell push jerks I have been ignoring tempo and working on explosion. should i just explode on the way up and then do a slow negative for these movements or should i do something else? Thanks for your time.

  • Nic

just bringing this back up to the top. thanks

Great question.

Very good question, a lot of those lifts are olympic lifts and can only really be done explosively without attracting a bunch of stabilizing, intrinsic muscles. So, yes do then explosively… I think the purpose for it is because of the total body type workout you receive from such a lift. Blood flow during dieting is important, helps to speed up the metabolism. Hope this was simple enough for ya, I can get a lot more scientific but then it makes it boring. Let me know if you need more info.

You are quite right - the multiple joint movements should be done explosively. Try to follow the program and keep me abreast of how you are doing. If possible also use the stretching program from the recent “man of steel” at the end of your training sessions. In faith, Coach Davies