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Fat to fire..newbie question

Ok i apologize if this redundant, i’ve searched and perhaps am oblvious to the correct answer BUT i just started on this program and am finding it loads of fun and really helped re-motivate me in the gym.
However, the time frame is so short, only three weeks. What should I do next? I’m trying to lose fat and also have the problem of too much information in a short period of time so I’m not sure if I would go to Meltdown Training or a lower volume program and i’m fairly certain my bf% won’t be <17% in three weeks to start 5x5 (or is it >17%…lets see the alligator eats the bigger number…so bf will likely be >17% yes) so at this point i’m not sure if i should even be training or just cowering in a corner of the gym, rocking back and forth cradling the little pink weights. I just started reading T-mag in January and only now have gotten it all straight to start some of the training programs…

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

How can anyone ignore such great self deprecating humour?

Re F2F, I suggest you post any questions on Coach Davies Renegade forum.

Re the fat loss, I like CT’s approach in that the aim of a strength program while cutting is to maintain strength and LBM while diet and energy system work (HIIT preferably) get the fat off.
Obviously certain programs are better suited to bulking (OVT etc) due to the high volume. It seems that the current trend is shorter more intense workouts while cutting.

Check out Chad Waterburys Next Big 3, he suggests that for 2 days pw with 3 HIIT sessions (Running Man is great!). EDT for fat loss is also pretty good by all accounts and I enjoy CT’S HTT using time blocks. If you need help finding these let me know.

Hope this helps.

I would highly suggest trying John Berardi’s “The Winning Formula”. It’s a complete package.

thanks so much Hyphnz and Kraig.
kraig i’ve read the winning formula…to be honest i found it a little daunting for some reason. i should reread it again.