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Fat to Fire and OSC

Ive been dieting for a while now (dont diet then tdawg2) but I am not quiet as lean as I want and I am looking for a new program. My more recent programs were 5 by 5, Big Boy Basics, and slightly modified X-comp training.

For my next program I was looking at OSC and Fat to Fire. I like the look of OSC, however I have seen CW say that it is not a good idea to do OSC on a low carb diet like tdawg2 (maybe it would be ok on the dont diet).

After looking at the two Fat to Fire articles I thought the first one looked better because the second has OLs which I have never done. My main question is about the split given. It gives a five day program with three weight training days and two GPP days. Is this just repeated after the five days (which means two weight training days in a row day 5 then day 1 both of which have similar movements such as db hang pulls and bb hang pulls and bb hack squats and squats). Is there any other way this program can be done as I usually cant train on Sundays. Should I perform 6 cycles of each weight circuit at the start or work up to this.

For OSC, you can still up the carbs and see fat loss results from it. It’s simply a matter of eating at “maintainence” level while busting your ass even harder than a normal hypocaloric fat loss routine.

I decided to do OSC so I will start a new thread with the questions I have about that.

If anyone can help out with my Fat to Fire questions could they still respond because I will eventually try this program.