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Fat to Fire and Fat Fast

I am starting Fat Fast on Monday and am thinking of doing Fat to Fire with it…has anyone done this combo? What do you think? I’ve got about 75lbs to lose. I’ll be taking Methoxy-7 and MD6 while on fat fast…I’d like to hear if people have tried the Fat Fast/Fat to Fire combo and if the liked it and or had success…thanks in advance

IMO, that’s crazy. I’ve tried it before and didn’t last the whole first week. If you can handle it, go for it. My favorite combinations are Fat to Fire with Don’t Diet and Fat Fast with Meltdown.

Thanks for the advice…I have already completed Meltdown 1 (a few weeks ago). Should I start over with Meltdown 1 or just do meltdown 2?

I’m a FF vet and know the diet inside and out. You’re better off doing lower volume work with longer rest periods, something like 1-4 reps, a total of around 25 reps per workout (i.e., 8 sets of 3). Stick to the usual compound movements: squats, deads, rows, etc. If you’re going to do something like Fat to the Fire, then you’re going to have to take a boatload of BCAAs before and during workout to get through the session, probably between 30 to 40 grams because of your reduced energy levels. Powerdrive will help too. Oh yeah, because of your high fat levels, methoxy will probably help you spare the lbm but in most cases you’re going to need an andro or you’ll might be sorry.

Carwreck–Thanks for the input. Is there anyone else out there who thinks I’d be in trouble just taking Methoxy? I was planning to take nandrosol because there were so many posts discouraging women from taking anything of the sort…suggestions??

I didn’t do fat to fire . . . I did meltdown, but they’re comparable to some degree. I saw great results. I don’t have a great way of testing bodyfat, but my upper arm mass stayed constant and I only lost a half inch on chest girth while dropping weight from 205 to 180 in only three and a half weeks. It’s really more of a quick fix than a permanent body change, but you’ll definitely see results.

Hi, Bets. Why don’t you do a search on the forum for the following words, “Fat Fast Women.” There’s one thread in particular that I’m going to paste in that you should take a look at. John Roman’s post was particularly noteworthy, www.t-mag.com/nation_javaforum/new_train.html. Just take out any spaces that might be in the link.