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Fat Teenagers


I just read that Target and Forever 21 are starting a line of clothes for overweight teens. I think they should have to wear burlap sacks until they lose enough weight to earn their clothes back. Take away their cell phones and cars too. They could jog to school/work. Why do we keep making it ok to be fat? It's not a disease, it's a choice. These fat kids will grow up to be fat adults. Our future doesn't look so bright. Shouldn't someone tell these young people that tight clothes don't look good on them?


75% of people are overweight

35% of the US population is obese

by 2010 50% of CHILDREN will be obese

welcome to the United States, enjoy the ride and please dont feed the animals.


My 16 year old son is certainly not the norm these days. He's very lean. At school, everyone is so amazed at how hard his abs are, they're always asking him what he does to get them like that.
He tells them, "I don't eat like a fucking pig".


Yep, their demographic is so out of shape that what used to be considered normal is now viewed as exceptional and/or extreme.


hahahha. I'm not a big fan of the biscuits poppin-out-o-can look either. Sadly this doesn't keep 'em away from beaches, lakes, rivers, etc.


Sounds like he was raised well.




lol that is exactly the thought that ran through my mind


I personally can't wait to see stores filled with little round shirts and pants with blown out asses. I think walking through Target will now be almost as hilarious as a night out at Wal-Mart.

But hey, at least we've made sure no one uses sterrroidz.




dont hate on me I have a glandular problem!


Which, as we know, is the actual problem. sterroidz kill kidz.


That's a cool kid.


Walmart kills me. I'll only go late at night if I absolutely have to. It doesn't matter what time it is, there's always a snot nosed 3yr old getting yelled at by his fat mom. The kid wouldn't be crying if he was in bed where he belonged!


Makes me embarrassed to be a teenager.
One more year, one more year...


Maybe they'll have shit that fits big guys too. I grew out of XL shirts and XXL is fucking hard to find. I wear like the same 4 shirts and a big golf jacket everywhere. I'm just gonna get a few packs of plain white T-shirts and big sweat pants and wear that.

And X, lol @ night out at walmart.


I can't bitch too much. Fat ass little girls have increased my clothing options. My girlfriend and I found some kick ass bathing suits in the kid's section that fit us, and she got the cutest pair of board shorts.

Little girl clothes are getting bigger and bigger but they're still really cheap. It's sad that we don't even have to wear the largest sizes, but not much I can do about that. It's nice that I won't have to worry about being upstaged by younger women as I get older, since they're all fat as hell.


Wow. I never thought of that. I'm not very tall and I have a hard time finding clothes that fit. Maybe I should try the husky section. Haha


Shit, if I could lose 100lbs at age 15, so can they!


I thought overweight people were only in Ohio:

From the book of "Hatething Ohio," chapter 3, verses 10-15:

"And God sayeth unto Abraham:
I looketh downeth upon Ohio
And I feel like pukithing.
Why musteth so many of my children
Be so fucking fat?
Why must so many of my fat children
Wear halter tops and skin-thight capris
Whilst shoppething at Walmart?
And God, holdething back the bile
Forming at the back of his throat,
Casteth a plague down unto Ohio.


And that's how you came to live there?