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Fat Store Clerk Says 'Spike is Dangerous'


0530, Bam! Gym time. I skip my reliable 7/11 deciding to get my pre w/o Spike drink elsewhere on my way. Bam! Shell station, I see everything BUT, so I ask the guy if they have it? He replies; "No, that stuff is DANGEROUS"." I resist the KEN impulse, inwardly sigh and say softly; "It's not dangerous." I leave. Mind you, he's 150lbs OVERFAT tellin' me SPIKE was "dangerous". I guess a hotte caffe latte or a Big Gulp is considered health food?

Two more strikeouts at different establishments and now I'm in "a mood". A BAD mood. Reminds me of the time I went into the hospital and a cigarette-smoking fat nurse told me weight lifting was "bad for you". Go figure.
NOTE TO SELF: Order online.


i had a conversation yesterday with someone who was convinced all the way down in his soul that creatine caused kidney disease, muscle cramps and heart failure.

i had to check my calendar to make sure i hadn't somehow wandered back to 1997.


Yeah, my colleague told me I should stop eating peanut butter because it has so much fat in it. I'm guessing he's around 30% body fat vs. my < 10%.

The same guy also said that in order to get biceps you have to use steroids, and he doesn't believe that I don't use them.


If I had a nickel for every time someone cautioned me about all that horrible protein causing kidney damage,... let's just say that I'd have a sh-tload of nickels.

(this is why I try to avoid any sort of interaction,.. usually just saying 'thanks for the tip')



This is why I hate eating with co-workers. I don't like talking about "healthy eating" with people that have no clue, because it takes too much work to start from the beginning to explain everything. And I don't want people wondering why I have chicken breast, vegetables, and a sweet potato every day for lunch, haha.

I also go to the bathroom to take my afternoon snack of Metabolic Drive, because I don't want to explain myself to anyone at work.


I prefer to be an asshole.

"Peanut butter is bad for you" ---> "You're fat, I'll go with what I eat over what you eat"
"Lifting is a waste of time unless you do steroids" --> "You're fat, I don't do steroids, I look better naked then you, you're an idiot."
"Protein is bad for you" ---> "So is all that fat you're carrying around that you don't need. Are you a bear planning on hibernating or are you just that fat normally?"

Those are my responses on a bad day when I'm low carb.

Generally speaking though I follow Stu's line or I just laugh and walk away.


i always love the horrified look on someones face after they find out i don't eat bread, you'd think i just told them i killed there pet.


As much as I do honestly try to be patient and accepting in everyday life, there are times when I can't help an occasional barb or two... a couple of my favorites:

-When I get dragged into GNC (usually by my friend who buys multi-vitamins there) and one of the employees (salesmen) who obviously doesn't know diddly about training suggests to me (completely unwarranted) how great a particular product is, I just look him up and down (very obviously) and ask with a furrowed brow, "is that what you use?"

-When one of my relatives, who always seems to be struggling with their weight, dismisses my suggestions in order to espouse the latest way they're going about achieving permanent fat loss and create the ultimate body (usually some ridiculous diet or tae-bo type of video).... "so how's that working out for you?"



My favorite response to random people telling me "x" is dangerous is "running your mouth can be dangerous too".

Then smile and chuckle enough so they can't tell if it was a joke.


People always tell me I don't "need all those fancy supplements". 100% of the time, they see me drinking a protein shake or when they see I have protein powder in my apartment. I never know how to respond.


LOL! Ah GNC... I grabbed a bottle of ZMA from there as I ran out and wanted to use it for an upcoming exam. While I was there she tried to sell me their latest and greatest product fish oil hard candy. Basically fish oil (probably very low grade) encased in high fructose corn syrup.


Haha, yeah what is it with GNC owners / workers being completely out of shape?


It gets worse the more you stand out. I don't like eating around other people at work at all because of this....because how many fucking times do you need to ask me in one year what I am eating as if my answer will be different this time? I can only guess my eating habits cause quite a bit of conflict for people who can't go a whole day without someone literally baking cookies in the office....but they are all constantly dieting.


I'm just imagining your coworkers's minds just snapping: "MY GOD I HAVE TO BAKE RIGHT NOW!"





That is honestly how they act. At this point, I now believe most women have cravings they simply can not control. You never see guys saying, "Oh, I just feel like I NEED cookies!!"....unless WhiteCastle, a whole Cheech and Chong collection, and some brownies are involved.


I had a chubby guy in my class walk past me in the hallway of our break. He and a few other students had just gone out for lunch and when they walked past me drinking a protein shake they said "why dont you eat some real food?" Kinda jokingly but they were carrying Mc Donalds bags as they walked past me. I didnt respond


my favorite question is "why don't you eat like a normal person?" lmao


I do sometimes drink milk but it bloats me. However I once said to a huge reaction...I dont drink milk, babys drink milk.


Erik Fankhouser eats all his meals in his car while at work so people leave him alone and he can eat in peace -lol