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Fat Spot Reduction?


MODOK - is there any real science behind the idea that hormones affect how and where you lay down fat? Been reading a lot about this lately - I have a large stomach from beer. Reading a book by Max Tomlinson - target your fat spots - he says it is sugar and cortisal. I dont want to waste time and money. Thanks


Why dont you ask this in his thread?


Yes, it's pretty well accepted that hormones drive fat storage and along that line where that fat is stored.

Sleep, stress, processed carbs, sugar can all lead to excess fat storage around the midsection.


Here is an article about your Jelly Belly:

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Less beer more water.


Phosphatidyl Serine is a cortisol lowering and memory enhancing agent, Alpha GPC and L Dopa could pulse natural GH levels. Lowered cortisol levels + elevated GH levels + lowered insulin levels would put a "hurtin'" on your belly fat. EndoAMP Max is a good product that has the PS + AGPC -- While you can derive L-dopa from a Vitamin Store.

Another mechanism of action would be to lower the cortisol is to attack the enzyme 11B-HSD -- which is highly distributed around adipose tissues ...namely visceral fat (think distended belly - beer gut).

The Androgen 11-oxo (11adrenosterone) ---> 11-keto testosterone would be a great way to selectively BIND to the 11b-HSD which would now BLOCK the conversion of cortisone to the physique wrecking CORTISOL.

11-oxo and 11KT will keep the "harmless" cortisone from converting into the evil cortisol.

You will also be able to mildly accrue lean muscle mass with 11KT (given you take enough!)



Yes, I think some Strength Coach named Charles Poliquin who "created" BioSignature Modulation might know a thing or two about it. Go to an AA meeting and clean yourself up.