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Fat Sources


What kind of breakdown of fat sources should I have. IE? 20% flax, 40%fish oil, etc....any suggestions.


My suggestion, don't worry about it so much.

You are overthinking as far as I'm concerned.

Based on your post you are saying that you are getting approximately 60% of your daily fat intake from Flax and Fish Oil. That is good. But be more concerned about where your other fats are coming from. As long you are getting most of your fats from good sources, and hitting your daily fat goal (intake), who cares.

Don't overthink too much, I found it plagues progress and ultimately drives you nuts.


Yea, I hear you it's just some fats are more expensive i.e. Fish oil sometimes I find it a waste to pop 10 caps a day if you know what I mean, I just want to get enough of each.

Where are the best places to get fats?

So far I have Fish, Flax, Beef.??


If your looking for sources of fat check out Dr. JB's article on the subject.


In general my supplemental fat sources come from the following:

Flax seeds (I despise the oil, but love the seeds), Fish oil, Almonds, Walnuts, Olive Oil.

That being said I generally eat one steak a day - usually flank, sirloin, or filet

And on occasion I treat myself to some sharp cheddar.

But in general, most of my fats come from the five sources mentioned above - but there are plenty of other healthy sources, so as mentioned before I would check out JB's article


I don't worry about specific ratios. I eat lots of olive oil and nuts. Use Flameout. And get saturated fat naturally occuring in meats and fatty protein-which I don't avoid. When I occasionally plug it into Fitday, it roughly breaks down to 1/3 saturated and 2/3s unsaturated. Which I beleive is what Berardi and other nutrition gurus recommend.