Fat Sources for Ketogenic Diet

What are some recommended fat sources for a ketogenic diet? I’ve read that fat should actually be the main component in all your meals when on a ketogenic diet, but I find it difficult to actually prepare meals this way without resorting to things like butter, margarine, cream, etc., to have the fat requirement exceed the amount of protein I am consuming, and that path seems like a path that would lead to clogged arteries.

why are you trying to consume more fat than protein? You don’t need to do that to reach ketosis.

Enjoy fattier cuts of meat/poultry/fish, whole eggs, Olive oil, fish oil, nuts and nut butters.

[quote]elusive wrote:
why are you trying to consume more fat than protein? You don’t need to do that to reach ketosis[/quote]

An article about regressive keto dieting. Page 3 of that article recommends that fat be the dominant macronutrient for a type 1 keto diet, which will eventually transition to a type 2 and 3 keto diet once your body is fat adapted.

Make no mistake about it, though. I still keep my protein intake fairly high at roughly 250 grams of protein per day for my body weight of 200 lbs. Since the article recommends that fat intake be higher than protein intake, I would need greater than 250 grams of fat to exceed my protein intake.

So basically all I really need to do is cut out the carbs?

Yes, don’t consume carby foods. I wouldn’t follow that article, I personally feel that the science behind it is bunk. PM Benmoore (sp?) and ask him how that diet went for him.

Make sure your protein intake is adequate and then make up the rest of your calories with fats. I usually do something like this 1.5 grams of protein per pound of weight and .5 grams of fat per pound of weight (the Palumbo breakdown).

If you were to consume 250 grams of fat and 250 grams of protein you would be having 3,250kcals a day. Fatloss is all (mostly) about calorie balance, not ketosis or low carbs.