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Fat Skinny Guy Needs Some Advice


I have had a weight problem ever since I was a teenager.

I need some tips and need to hear some shared experiance about fat loss. I want nothing more than to bulk up and add muscle, but I cant loose the fat first to get out of the gait.

I am 29, and fear my metabolism is slowing down. Im 5'11 and currently at 231. My weight goes up and down more than Oprahs, from 235-211. My BF % is around 28-31% my LBM is only around 145-155 lbs!

Ive always lost weight by strict low carb diets (atkins) or the Velocity Diet.

Everytime I make gains it seems something happens and I fall off the waggon. I wont bother with excuses, because that is all they are.

Im finding I have a hard time staying on these diets anymore. And when I do get on them, the results arnt nearly what they used to be.

Ive tried HOT-ROX, and cant say I've ever noticed a difference in appetite suppression or results. I miss ephedra, thats the only sup ive seen results with.

Since comming to T-Nation, I finally have some great workout routines. I do squats, compunds and free weights now, and actually have fun in the gym.

But Im totally failing in the diet department, and that just kills all motivation.

I am interested in the Anabolic diet and the T-dawg diet. I am also interested in trying Carbolin 19 over HOT-ROX.

And im just looking for some words of motivation support and things you have encountered...and how you over came them.


Honestly, dont make a big deal over supplements.

Tell me something, would you feel like you accomplished something amazing...feel like you completed something you barely could before, losing weight all on your own? Just by modifying your diet and making sure you go that extra mile to focus on doing your exercises man. Screw excuses...and screw a lack of motivation. If you know whats good for yourself and you know what you want for yourself, whats keeping you from acheiving this goal?

Go for it man.

and stick with it this time...

btw, im not bashing supplements. I just totally believe doing it without them and the thought of how good youll feel about the accomplishment will be a great amount of motivation for most. Good luck to you.


Yeah, supps are the least of my concerns. Basically I need a solid diet plan that will allow sustainable weight loss. Ive lost the same 15-20 lbs over abd over.

I think all of my diets have either allowed me to cheat too easily (just eating healthy), or so strict i just couldnt stay the course (atkins)

Im eyeing the anabolic diet and T-Dawg...something structured through the week, yet the freedom to be a human on the weekend.

Anyone have any recomendations between the 2?


At one time I was in the 400 range so I guess I speak from some experience here.

You don't have to lose the fat first before you begin to gain muscle. In fact, it will benefit you greatly and directly if you hit the weights with some vigor right now.

The body's thermic response to food and basal metabolism account for 90% of your daily needs. By increasing lean body mass, you increase caloric expenditure every minute of every day.
Do not be fooled by the weigh-in before and after workout. This is water and not something you should look at as to whether or not you have a sccessful workout. If anything, weigh-in before and after just to gauge water loss and refill your body.

Water is CRITICAL! At your weight, with a moderate workout schedule, you should be drinking 2 gallons a day if fatloss is your main priority. Skip most other liquid and drink water.

Eat some protein with every meal. Not only does it fill you up, it is a high thermic nutrient and therefor you burn calories just digesting. It also replaces many simple carbs if you make a concerted effort to consistantly eat protein.

For now--do not do real intense cardio. I know this contradicts some, but until you get your body composition turned around, I would suggest 30-60 minutes 3-5 times a week at a moderate pace.

Good luck



You have to learn to eat right first.

Smaller meals more often
good fats
complex carbs
NO processed food--cookies,white bread...
veggies and fruit anytime/all of the time(though some may argue with fruit, if that's the worst thing you're putting in your body, that's ok

Diets are great for short term challenges or to reach short term goals, but offer you little when trying to make life changing differences in your goals of body composition. Take the slow rroad, but the one that will offer you the best chance at long-term success.
You say you have lost the same weight over and over...
now lose it for good.


If I might make a suggestion...

Calorie counting is important, if it's not for you then you would not be posting this.

Stick with the basic template of 5-6 meals a day of clean food.

Eat the same amount of calories each meal, I would suggest starting at 500.

If you are super hungry than eat an extra 100 per meal.

If you are super full then eat 100 less a meal.

If you like low-carb go low-carb, but following this format I suggest low-carb the last 2 meals of a day, unless you are craving carbs.


T-Dawg2 Is a great choice It is easy and effective and can become a LIFE style easily by just upping intake a bit once yuor goals change.


If you decide to count calories, try a calorie counting site like fitday.com.

I've been using it for the past few weeks and it makes it real easy to keep track of what you eat (calories, protein, carbs, fats). You can also chart calories burnt on workouts etc., and see progress reports and graphs of weight loss over weeks and or how your calories were burnt.



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