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Fat Shaming: Truth or Feelings?


Exactly, plus it comes with a pretty heavy risk of dying, which is why most people would rather have safety and pleasure than freedom (even though most people unconsciously associate freedom with pleasure).


There is no risk of dying. Risk implies a probability of loss. Your death is a certainty, the probability is 100%.

I’m surprised you couldn’t find any real world examples of people trading freedoms for security. Examples abound. Unless you didn’t know that’s what the teacher was looking for.


I didn’t. I just talked about how society is one big safety net.


This is exactly my thoughts on the subject, albeit expressed far better than i would.

You are free to live your life how you want, however you have to live with the consequences of those decisions.

If you choose to lead an unhealthy lifestyle, fine. But you have to live with the potentially lethal consequences of that. If you feel you look better at size 20 than size 10, fine, more power to you. Just don’t expect me to agree with you.


Or pay for your healthcare… but I digress.


I have 2 children who have probably cost the taxpayer 6 or 7 figure sums already, just to get them healthy. I’m forever grateful for that, and will happily give up my right to complain about the NHS.

The amount I have to pay for other people’s benefits on the other hand…


I don’t get all this fat shaming thing. If I was fat and someone I didn’t know felt the need to express their disgust then I’d feel I’m free to express my violent tendencies. They are getting proper fucked… providing they can’t run fast or far.


Though I appreciate this sentiment, people pretty frequently do very negative things for their health without having this same thought brought up.

Drinking, smoking, not coming to full stops at stopsigns, texting and driving, speeding, not getting an annual physical, not regularly screening for lumps, poor nutrition without obesity, overconsumption of caffeine and other stimulants, poor sleep hygiene/inadequate sleep, etc etc.

Obesity is the obvious manifestation of poor habits, but you’ll rarely find a saint among us in regards to health.


I agree. I’m always annoyed when on employer healthcare and I’m surrounded by fat/smoking/caffeinated/inactive etc… coworkers. They are raising the premiums for everyone through easily avoidable behaviours.

I’d rather just pay doctors and cut out the middle men of insurance and government… but that is long gone.


I’m not healthy as well, so I can’t possibly feel that way without being a hypocrite, haha.



You see an alcoholic, you don’t know it. They receive no shame in that instance.
You see a felon, you don’t know it. They receive no shame in that instance.
You see a child molestor, you don’t know it. They receive no shame in that instance.

…the list goes on.

You see a fat person, you KNOW IT. Some take the opportunity to shame them.

I think it’s an interesting “flaw” that can’t be hidden.

Some people are fat/overweight, but exercise regularly, eat healthy and ARE healthy. Do they deserve shame? Tom Segura (great comedian) has a bit about how he would have died from OD-ing on drugs if he wasn’t overweight at the time. You don’t know, what you don’t know.

We all have the freedom to do a bunch of legal and shitty things to others everyday, shaming being one of them…why would we do that? Life is short, and the world is full of shitty things, why add to it?


Like who?

How can you eat healthy, exercise and be fat? Overeating is not eating healthy.


I can think of one woman that eats using good ingredients, just too much. She has a squat that a lot of men would die for and has run 2 Pittsburgh marathons, numerous half marathons, adventure runs, the list goes on.

At a glance though most would just be like “eh, fat chick. No will power or self control.”.


Fat folks can run marathons sure. And gingers can sunbathe w/o sunscreen. Sure as shit doesn’t mean either activity is healthy for that person.

But then again, living a life focused entirely on health is a shitty way to live IMO. there is a lot of fun to be had in risky behaviors.


It’s not like she just put down the ho-hos and ran a marathon though either. As I’m sure you know, that’s just not how cardio endurance works.

The stuff people can’t see at a glance is almost 2 decades of mountain biking, distance running, weight training and group cardio and fitness classes.

I’d be willing to put money down that she can out lift, run, sprint and ride and climb a good number of men on this site, and certainly in better shape than any of the fat broken powerlifters that people idolize.


Fat people are fucking gross, undisciplined pukes who ought to be fat shamed at every corner. Disgusting people with no self-respect…

Every fat person? Every single one of them? That’s a broad statement, and an unfair one. Unless of course you’re being facetious, in which case, carry on…


Shame and guilt are the primary levers we have in today’s society to control behavior. It’s not going away anytime soon.


Why do you feel this particular behaviour needs to be controlled?


I wasn’t implying that I did. I was just explaining why I think people use things like shaming.