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Fat Shaming: Truth or Feelings?


Don’t. I get unreasonably excited whenever I see that you have responded to a study in a topic.


At least it’s going after doctors though and not dentists, right? You’re in the clear.

Really though, I agree a lot more with the comments and conclusions above than the article (with the one asshole exception of course).


Given my username, the misunderstanding is understandable. But truth be told, I am guilty of being a doctor (worse still, one of those who eats less and exercises more).


That was my failed joke attempt. I don’t really think you’re using dental tools on people’s eyes, hopefully.


Ever seen the movie Hostel? It was modeled after the good EyeDoctor’s personal experiences


False. What’s really going on is doctors all have the secret antidote to the

But they won’t share them with us. They simply prescribe


Because they’re sadists apparently.


You’re a weak, stupid asshole who has ugly protruding abs. Since we’re being straight forward, here. You deserve to be shamed.


you really think he’s lying? lol, that’s not a ridiculous story in the slightest. You’re an idiot.


oh, and the article is dumb.


Obviously stem cell therapy would end the obesity crisis, but we all know why they aren’t allowed in the US…




Yeah just remove my fat cells surgically, spin them in a centrifuge to activate the stem cells… and throw them in the garbage can. Bam! I’m not obese anymore!


In my town you can get Smart Lipo on your lunch break.

(stupid phone)


My opinion is that it’s a good idea for doctors to prescribe healthy habits and fitness regimens but not a good idea to fat shame. When someone gets so big that they are barely able to get out of bed or walk out of their house due to their eating habits, then someone should take control of what they eat and save their life and whoever is enabling them by bringing them shitty foods should immediately stop doing that. It is never a good idea to shame someone, if you would like to see a change in someone, it’s much kinder and efficient to encourage them, help them in a way that’s not overbearing.

As for the article…
image http://www.reactiongifs.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/vader_didnt_read.gif

Not in it’s entirety anyways


Yeah because doctors are so on top of nutrition.


True enough, they’ll probably prescribe you something that gives you 8 side effects that you can come back and get another prescription for.


Hellava lot better than your average 'Murican


Though I don’t refute your statement that the general populace is an ignorant populace, this graphic actually represents America’s ignorance of leading causes of death vs nutritional science.

Something that demonstrated “many Americans are unaware that poor nutrition is the leading cause of heart disease” would be better.


Semantics turnaround 180 kickflip.

This portion of the infographic merely demostrates heart disease rates.

Fair enough



Hell, I know this is 7 months late, but I don’t care. I recently wrote an essay on this exact topic. Argued this exact point – got an 80% because I didn’t reference any ‘real-world evidence’, even though hypothetical evidence would be sufficient to elaborate on my point.


I mean, freedom and responsibility for one’s self is, like, A LOT of work. Like. A LOT.