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Fat Shaming: Truth or Feelings?


Lol, flaky-ass cookie cutter? I spent 4 years in Marine Corps Infantry, if you think bluntness is something I have a problem with, you’re wrong. It’s about being a decent person. There’s nothing down to earth about you, or your childish insults. And I really, really doubt you have many friends given how terrible you are at engaging with people on the internet. You sound like a fairly socially awkward person, who talks a big game online. As I said - it just makes you a coward, and a small person. Enjoy your imaginary perfect life, weakling.


Is @emperorhirohito Japanese? Then his attitude would make sense. Just read an article last month about how the Japs have zero patience for fat people at home, in the workplace or socially. They even mocked Godzilla for being fat.

I think it was in a lefty paper (NYT, Huffpo…) the slant was about how women get it worse and how white heavy women working in Japan have a tough row to hoe. The one lady quoted a female Japanese boss saying something like “we’re going out to eat after work, but you can just go home. You’ve had enough.”


I spent nearly a year in Japan, and the people I met there were far more respectful and less weird than this guy. It’s a testament to how lonely and cut off from social interaction he is that he would willingly stick around a forum where everybody hates him. Wasn’t he the guy who posted about “protruding abs” but said he was “too shy” to post a picture of them? Just strange all around, man.


He reminds me a great deal of Raj. Even jealous of other people getting likes.


Or Jasmincar. Remember him?


Yeah, he was a trip! What happened to him? Did he just space out or what?


Just got tired of being the forum asshole after a while, I guess. Happens to them all eventually.


You are way too edgy for this forum.


Are you ok with douchebag shaming? Because, you are obviously a 13 year old douchebag. I’m just being honest.


Your culture and your family and friends are all shitty. I’m just being honest. Come at me bro.



Right, back on track after that little interlude…

I suppose it can also come down to an individual
Other then this article, I have a bunch of mates in a group chat where (admittedly) we are all pretty crude towards each other

The name calling and shaming it a great motivator
The whole anti physc-out that you can’t get to a certain weight, or can’t get a certain lift motivates us to work harder, but I’m also talking about a group of young men who have been in and around the gym for 10+ years, and that a large portion of society haven’t got the same attitude or knowledge etc




I think you are projecting yourself idiot. Your read time is 13 times more than me. So clearly, you might be the one who is cut off from real social interaction. Again, I am not here to make online friends, kiss everyone ass and following the general consensus like you; I have got enough friends and support from family in real life. I am here to learn and spread information and being 100% real. It is ok if you don’t like me. I’d like an idiot like you to not like me in fact. I am not even gonna waste my time with you anymore. Case closed.

Las words. Military my ass. Lived in Japan my ass. What next? A mercenary? CIA agent? like Jason Blaha? It piss.


United States Marine Corps, June 2009-Jan 2013. FAST platoon in Yorktown, VA, 2/2 in Lejeune, NC. Japan is a very common deployment for Marines, though most go to Okinawa and I went to Yokosuka, visited Tokyo a few times, plus Mt Fuji. Not a mercenary, or anything special.


Oh, and check my training log. I really went overboard imitating a Marine with my Eagle, Globe and Anchor tattoo on my back and my 0311 bulldog tattoo on my chest.


That’s even worse. You are the most cookie-cutter marine I’ve ever seen. Gets offended when someone is being 100% real that fat people are unattractive, lazy and gross. Do you cry on your knees when your fellow squad got leg cramps on the battlefield? Anyway I am out, tired of typing. Please, argue with someone else, I am not gonna stop being real because cookie-cutters on an online forum swarm against me.


I just want to point out that, so far, you’re the only verifiable liar.


And now I need to go stalk your log because I really want to see the tats…

Also, how did you like Yokosuka? Get to pick (well, ask nicely anyway) my next port in January, and Japan has always sounded cool to me.