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Fat Shaming: Truth or Feelings?


I don’t mean to laugh in any malicious way, but your wording made me chuckle.


For sure. I just imagine it’s also extended the range for non-huge people in a proportional way. 70 used to be considered an average lifespan, whereas now, if someone dies at 70, it’s considered “too young”.

This gets a little philosophical for me, as I feel we’d have to have agreed upon markers of “quality” and “better outcomes”. My nihilistic leanings make such agreements difficult, haha.

I think being fit is awesome. I think it’s awesome enough I’d rather be it than eat yummy food. However, I know many people that, all things being equal, would rather eat the food than be fit. I can’t get in their headspace to understand it, nor can they seem to understand me.


That’s good. I laugh about it more often than not too.


Makes total sense. I guess as I get more life experience and meet someone that means that much to me, then weight wouldn’t really matter. Those things hadn’t occurred to me, I have much more growing up to do.


did you find the ring though?



Yeah, I found it. Had an amazing stroke of luck as I scoured the surf on all fours. Actually, that was my opening line when I ran after her - “see, the universe wants us to be together” (cue a romantic violin)


I don’t know if its anything that anybody really thinks about unless its there to think about.

Obviously, I have, or I wouldn’t have been able to compose that response. Eh, I’m not perfect. I’m sure others have faced the same situation and made different choices.


@Skyzyks brought up a good point, and one that i think of when i meet the obese.

I just consider that they have some unresolved issues and let it go.

It’s the right thing to do, imo~


An interesting variable to control for here would be income. As longevity is related to both fitness and income, and income is correlated (not as strongly) with fitness, maybe a significant portion of old people were wealthy, healthy youth who would have enough of a nest egg built up to not be a net detractor to society as they age.


Mixed feelings about the article. Well-written, but misleading. Can every fat person lose the weight and keep it off? No, and studies show that most cannot. But this article really does make it seem like there’s no hope in dieting or attempting to lose this weight and you should just be happy with the way you are. My problem with that is that 1. happiness and attempting self-improvement are not mutually exclusive, and 2. you’re giving people a reason to not even attempt to change. The idea of ‘shaming’ will never elicit positive results, in my opinion, but if you’re dealing with any other aggressive disease that frequently kills people, you’re going to attack it, no?


Garbage article.

Fat people should be shamed; with an exception of people who have genetic disorders or some sorts who are very small percentage. No discussion around that.

If not, are we going to normalize being obese in the US? 74% people are overweight in the US. Sure, BMI doesn’t include muscle mass in the equation, but only a very small percentage of people actually go to the lift weights or do athletics regularly.

The article talks about the phenomenona like it is a human nature. No it is just chugging too much donuts and driving to a grocery store that 0.5 miles away is what make Amuricans fat. In most other countries people don’t have weight problems. Forgive me if I intrepreted the article wrong I just skimmed it in like a minute.

Fat whales should be shamed. No discussion.


If you’d read it, you’d understand why your black-and-white attitude about this doesn’t actually help fat people - which is the point, right? Help them to not be fat, or to not hate themselves? You’re not breaching any new ground by stating that fat people got fat by eating unhealthily. The point is, once they’re fat, it’s incredibly hard to lose the weight and harder to keep all of it off, as it rebounds rather quickly.

We all want less obese people, but perhaps referring to obese people as ‘fat whales’ that ‘should be shamed’ isn’t actually helping them to be any less fat. Maybe it’s exacerbating an eating disorder where they eat when they’re unhappy.


I am not all about that kissing-ass and cookie-cutter attitude. If fatso don’t like my straightforward approach that’s fine. Offense is taken, not given.

In many other cultures, it is very acceptable to shame fat people and it works. But suddenly, in the US you say someone is fat and they get offended? What the hell, fat is not even an insult. It just means overweight.


You can’t play the ‘oh, you get offended by everything’ card and simultaneously call someone a whale or a fatso. You’re missing the ENTIRE point of the article, which I also had serious disagreements with, but one of the main points was, name-calling and insulting doesn’t actually help people to be less fat. You’re obviously uninterested in helping anybody to be a better person, and more interested in seeming like a badass by calling fat people fat and hurling names at them. Irrespective of everything being discussed here, you really come off as an insecure person, as opposed to the no-nonsense badass you’d like to be.


It does help. I have already told you that it presents in many cultures including the one that I grew up with. You are just mad. If you were a fatso before and/or were bullied as a teen because you were a fatso then I can certainly understand why you are mad at me. Come at me brah


Never been fat, not even remotely. Not mad either, just amused by the guy who totes his research prowess everywhere on this site and then makes broad generalizations and inflammatory comments concerning an article he didn’t read.
Why don’t you tell @SkyzykS that his overweight wife is a fat whale who needs to be shamed? Will that help his wife and children, that dad destroys mom’s psyche by saying disgusting things to her? That’s my point here - you’re not a badass, and you’re staggeringly self-unaware, otherwise you’d be able to see how much of a 5th grader you come off as.
You have a reputation around here as being a know-it-all who knows next to nothing, and it’s clearly well earned.

Oh, i should add that I was bullied for about a year, in middle school (not for being fat). Never happened since, and had the time of my life in high school, but I will never forget how horrible of a feeling it was to be put down every day by vicious kids, and every time I’ve encountered a bully since that day, it’s only reinforced the realization that bullies are weak cowards who project their insecurities onto others. If you’re proud of being a bully - and your post indicates you are - that’s a sad thing, and I’m sorry for you.


People tend to underestimate how many of these body weight problems are imposed upon children by adults. Have you seen the food they keep selling as “children’s breakfast cereals”? It’s almost all sugar and then we wonder why they are either overweight or hyperactive (and if they are too hyper now people in our society talk about putting them on drugs to calm them down). The more a food is advertised, the less healthy it usually is, too. And if you go to youtube and search for “Adam Ruins Everything sugar” you can watch a funny little lecture on how the sugar industry lied its ass off to get us to eat more of it, and that is about when obesity rates jumped. And on T-nation there is an article about how unhealthy corn has been for Americans.

At my adult height, my weight has ranged from 150 to 295 pounds. I know how many “foods” I have to say no to keep my weight at a healthy level. I don’t eat or drink anything in a can, period, even if they switch it to a bottle. I don’t eat anything “made for kids” (which is one reason I despise corporations) nor will my kids if I ever have them. At restaurants I start my meal by putting half of it in a box to eat the next day for lunch, and haven’t had a dessert in a restaurant in ten years.

Sorry about this turning into a rant. I was fat shamed as a kid, and I noticed how it stopped when I started lifting as much weight as some of the football players, and how women treated me differently when my chest stuck out further than my belly. It was the adult world that turned me and lots of other kids fat, and then has the gall to sell us diets and gadgets and pills to “cure” us. Right now I’m losing a pound a week almost like clock work, and it is mostly due to cooking at home and walking as much as I can (my place of employment has showers, so I even walk to work). I do other exercises of course, but I’m not worried about getting stronger right now, just shoring up weaknesses.


I don’t agree with the article, it seems to give the impression that being overweight is, automatically, for life. I do however feel that medical doctors can be unskilled in helping others change behaviour, regardless of behaviour. I believe that methods such as motivational interviewing would help massively if used more widely but most people aren’t aware of them.

Side note, one of the founders of MI is bringing it into sport and I’m with him on that. I’ve seen some terrible coaching.


I am not being a bully. I am just speaking facts brah. The truth hurts. No one wants to hear it and that’s why I don’t get along with most of people in this forum because unlike you I am not here to shake everybody hands, shop for likes, try to be politically correct, and kiss their wet asses as well as try to make myself feel like I have friends unlike you.
I have great friends and family in real life already. They respect my straightforward and down-to-earth approach, and yes some flaky ass cookie-cutter like you won’t like me but that’s fine. I’d rather be loved by a few amazing people than be loved by a lot of people like you who are a waste of space and oxygen.