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Fat Shaming: Truth or Feelings?


Oooooooo I SO agree. I’d like to think that that branches out to many others aspects too. Like poverty, illnesses, etc. Things that society kind of sweeps under the rug.


Sure. But how much of that judgment is vice parading as virtue?

Phrased differently : How much of that judgment is actually a self protection mechanism, and how much is just measuring oneself as better than another by a simple and obvious metric?


How do your kids react to this? Genuinely curious b/c we rarely have junk food in the house and doubt we’ll have any for the kiddo…


This is a little shortcut our brains take to keep things relatively organized. People that demonstrate a given characteristic = xyz.

Well muscled, etc= fitness buff.

I worked with a guy that spent about 10 years in prison doing calisthenics and hitting the weights. Good looking by any measure. Blond hair, blue eyes, bright smile, the whole 9 yds. A lot of people just assumed he was a health nut. At a glance, he was. You’d never guess he was a pill head that beat someone into a coma over a couple of vicodin.


I don’t understand, what does it matter?

I said "Right or wrong people evolved to be attracted to certain social/sexual traits to assess the physical/mental/emotional potential of others "

When would being fat be seen as a good thing? Most people would reach a similar conclusion.

How one responds from their assessment would depend on their own personality traits. A response which would then be judged by other individuals as to their physical/mental/emotional potential.


Well the wife can’t eat wheat and the kids both got rashes when they ate wheat when starting solid foods. So we are a “gluten free” household (ugh).

On top of that we by into the ‘less processed is better’ mind set so she makes everything from scratch. I’d describe our diet as paleo+dairy.

We allow the kids to snack all they want (on nuts/seeds/fruit/whole milk/cheese etc…) AFTER they finish a meal. They have to clean their plates and then if they want to eat a metric ton of almonds and raisins they can. Snacking between meals is a big no-no (because then they’ll be too full for the next meal and what kid wouldn’t prefer raisins to vegetables?).

They get homemade cookies (with honey or maple syrup sweetener of course) about once or twice a week. Wife keeps dark chocolate around for treats as well.

They seem absolutely fine with it (5yo and 3yo). I can still see their ribs and the doctor says they’re lean like kids should be. When they’re at birthday parties and they can’t have the cake the wife brings dark chocolate for them so they aren’t left out. We let them have a bit of Halloween candy, but we rationed it out.


When food and resources are scarce. As a sign of affluence.


Good for who? What would society as a whole look like in this scenario?

I think it would turn from viewing fat as low in consciousness, no will power, bad health, no discipline to the person being non-compassionate, greedy, uncooperative, fearful of going without i.e low in agreeableness, high in neuroticism. Still not good.


This is like “The Canterbury Tales”. Fully on parade!

You’ve never heard of the term “rubenesque”?

You might as well drop the facade of rationality at this point and just start yelling “Fatty fat mother fucking fatties!!!”.

Go ahead. Let it out.

We’re not judging.


A term that came about hundreds of years after his death? That is your proof?

Artists paint what they see, what they like, what does that have to do with anything?



Venus was a Fatty! And Adonis was a chubby chaser!


I don’t know … Venus looks thick for sure, but I wouldn’t say she’es a fatty…


Come on dude. You throw around judgements like pudding at a food fight and now you ask for proof?


Lucasmon would.

Then he’d say she’s mentally unstable, among other negative characteristics.

But it’s totally clinical. There is no emotional attachment or reaction associated.


You guys need to stop dissin’ Santa
or he won’t be a very jolly fat fuck when he visits you next Christmas.


Just here to watch


Lucasmon, I should clarify a little. I’m just playing a little and being facetious with a spiritual/philosophical axiom, which is “when one is in conflict with their surroundings, it is he who is in conflict, not the surroundings.”.

Informally, “If I ain’t the problem, there is no solution.”.


Just like what has been the reaction or what has been said when you bring it up in conversations.

And sorry, but I wasn’t quite clear, are you a recovering addict? Is that what you meant, or do you just have experience/knowledge of that?


Does this count?

“I will eat till I die.” (And is bathed in an outdoor trough by his father.)


Now that I think of it, treating me with such familiarity would offend me, but the statements wouldn’t. I mean, I know when I stink, that I have a receding hairline, or whatever other unsavory stuff about me.