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Fat Ratio

Hi there =)

I’m currently getting about 1/3 of my fat from saturated, 1/3 from monounsaturated and 1/3 from polyunsaturated fats.

However, that’s only what the combined ratio for a day looks like. One of my meals can have almost no polyunsaturates, while another consists almost only of polyunsaturates.

So, what I’m wondering is, would there be any benefit in each meal having a “perfect” breakdown?

I wish I had an answer for you…eating is a science, but I could never make it that complicated!!

There would certainly be SOME benefit, but since it looks like your eating a good ratio fats and as long your getting them from a balanced variety of sources you should be fine.

First, be concerned with where the your fats are coming from, then find the right ratios.