Fat Question

hey guys, my body fat doesnt seem to accumlate in the other parts of my body as much as it does on my ass. My ass seems to be a breeding ground for body fat.

is there any way I can reduce the fat around my ass, other than reducing bodyfat as a whole?

To remove fat from one area is very possible.
Its called liposuction.

So I’m assuming you want to lose it through training and nutrition.
To remove fat from one area (spot reducing) through training/nutrition is not possible. Your body will ‘choose’ for itself where the fat is removed from.

There are certain drugs which if injected into the areas concerned claim to be able to promote fat loss at a specific site. However, this is dubious and the injects are fairly frequent.

The best bet , assuming you’ve not already done this,is to get your training and diet sorted (plenty of information on this site) and reduce you overall body fat levels.


Ok, after looking at your profile you seem like you probably know about training and diet seeing as your a boxer and have been posting on here before.

In that case I cant rle add anything else that would help you.

Maybe someone else can.


is there any way I can reduce the fat around my ass, other than reducing bodyfat as a whole?[/quote]


Fat storage is largely determined by gender and genetics. Perhaps you’re just more predisposed to storing fat on your ass. Regardless, you can’t spot reduce so you’ll have to fix your diet if you want to lose the ass.

I second the diet proposition. You need to loose body fat and get down to lets say 10% or so to look good. The bad part is the fat in your butt may be the last to go… Look for one of the diet programs in the articles section. It is the best way to trim up the body fat.

They give you the structure for the diet but it is up to you to follow though and eat the right foods. But if you do and you work out hard your body composition will change and you will get used to how you need to eat to stay trim.

You can spot reduce, but it only really works when you already have a fairly good 4 pack, or are a physique competitor/model.

Possibly running sprints vs bike sprints, topical fat reduction products…