Fat Question, Slowing Metabolism

i am new to hear and need some advice.i am 6’1 and weigh 212 i bulked up from 150 roughly about a few years ago(pretty hard to do with a fast metab.)

here’s where it get’s fun. igained a little belly from it not much but enough it takes away from what i want to achive. i am now 25 and my metab. came to a real hault!!! i can’t loose the fat like i could a few years ago.

so i need some pointers in the right direction. i do normal routines abs 3-4 times a week and cardio on top of norm lifting.basically i need some points from some vet people that lift. thanks alot

Hey dude, Im also new here and suffering from gaining a little fat while trying to put on size. Funny, Im also 6.1 ft, 211 lbs! But u look leaner than I do around your midsection…

What sort of cardio do u do, and how often? low intensity, or HIIT…From the looks of things, you should just do some HIIT to keep your metabolism up, on the days you dont train, maybe mid afternoon(when your metabolism starts slowing down for the day), and maybe another session after weights once a week.

Also depends on how clean your diet is…Im still trying to find out what works for me too, so hope this helps you!!

I’d keep “bulking” before you decide to cut.

i am not trying to bulk up too much i am in mma and wish to fight at 205 or if i can keep a good amount of muscle even go to 185. but thanks for the advice, i am in a hard spot,trying to pack a good amount of muscle with staying as lean as possible