Fat/Protein Meal

Okay Guys and Girls, I’m looking for a good fat/protein meal combo that is easy to eat on the run at work in the eavenings. i have been taking like 6 oz of chicken breast and some nuts, but i just upped my calories this week and that turns out to not be the only meal that i am lagging in calories. The problem with taking more nuts with me is the fact that 2 oz of nuts has about 15 carbs, and of course i wanna keep the carbs as low as possible. Any suggestions for some more fat in the meal without the added carbs would be appreciated. Keep in mind that i’m at work so its not like i can down a tspn of flax or anything…Although i have already thought of it.

Boiled eggs. If this is not feasable (sp? I must be really off on this one I cannot find it in the dictionary) then I have a recipe for a protein/fat MRP that does not require refridgeration and can easily be taken to work, just LMK.

Hey Sped, How about just a shake of AP and flax? I used to bring my bottle of flax oil with me to work in my cooler whilst doing the
ketogenic diet thing. Got some real strange looks from folks. It’s funny though, people will ‘stop by’ my office to see what I’m eating
today for the mid morning/afternoon meal.
What kind of nuts are you using? Walnuts I
believe have very low carbs.

How 'bout adding fish oil caps? Salad greens with olive oil?

Try Musclemilk by cytosport.Its 50% protein/45% fat & is incredibly effective.Sorry to plug a competitors product. I carry all of the Biotest products in my gyms pro shop & they are also great!

Well i have a shake with flax in it as soon as i come home form work, which is about 11 pm or so, so i really want some solid foods… I have been eating mostly pecans as far as nuts go…just plain dry roasted…

Try boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, egg salad burgers?? Cook them ahead of time. Also, bring flax oil amino acid caps? good luck

canned salmon…

If all else fails and you actually have to stop at a gas station to get something to eat you could always eat pork rinds and beef jerky…the pork rinds are always pure fat but you’ll have to check the labels on the jerky…sometimes they have some carbs.

Tuna packed in oil?

Hey, pork rinds have a surprising amount of protein, too. I forgot about those. Good substitute for chips if you like something with a little salt and crunch to complement some meat.

String cheese, available in all convenience stores. Easy to carry, they travel well, all fat and protein. Just consumed eight of them in the last three hours, in fact, at my desk.

I really dig chicken breast shredded up mixed in with some pace picante salsa and about a 1/3 of an avacado. Mix it all together and damn it’s good. Last night I even mixed in some steamed red and yellow bell peppers- this shit rocks, I should be a cook. Put a Meal Replacement in a shaker with a Tbspn of Flax and pound it when you get a chance…life ain’t that hard. -J

I bought 18 of those tiny little Tupperware containers for my Udo’s Choice oil. I take it to work in those. The containers have a couple measuring lines on them and the first (lowest) line is almost exactly 2 Tablespoons. That 2 Tablespoons of Udo’s Choice gets me a very quick and easy 270 calories, 29g of the best fats and zero carbs. Works pretty well at work (for me, but I work at a desk, might not if you worked on the go).

Erin: You got a recipe for those egg salad burgers? Sounds like they may not only be protein/fat rich, but quick and yummy!