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Fat people suck

I was recenly booted off WWW.FAAFA.ORG bulletin boards. I was being really nice too. I was prompted to find out about fat acceptance after being stuck on a long bus trip with a lot of big fat land whales. Being seated next to one and enduring the stink and crusing I was pissed. I wanted to say move you fat bastard but I must admit I bowed to political corectness. I did however redeem myself by sitting next to a frail old lady who was also being squashed by a smelly big fat lummox. I could have chosen to sit next to a hot babe but chivalry is not dead. I did the manly thing and protected this charming old lady.

I urge other to visit the NAAFA web site and try to enlighten these fat activist pork beasts. Most of them are fat women yuk! and there isn't enough beer and testosterone in the world that could make me get next to one of them. So give those Dorito munching eat beasts a piece of your mind and tell them to shut their pie holes.

If there’s one thing in this world that pisses me off, it’s an obese chick that thinks she’s the shit! There’s nothing wrong with a little pork and I do mean a little. But when a 200 pound chick starts hitting on you at a party, that’s the last straw. Not to sound conceited but I honestly just want to say, "who the fuck do you think you are talking to me? Do you honestly think you have a chance with me? If I was that fat, I’d atleast know that I was unattractive (If I’ve ever felt like hitting a woman). Fat hoes piss me off.

Actually, Chris, I know that I speak for a lot of people who post here when I say that we’re secure enough and possess enough common human decency not to go out of our way to belittle others. But you should be so proud that you’ve taken it upon yourself to add to the quantity of ignorance, bigotry, and unnecessary cruelty that already exists in the world. You’re a real man.

We’ve been down that road before. I saw your post there, and even I would have been offended by it. Maybe you’re just too high on your horse to realize just how offensive your tone was. Most of these people have lived their entire LIVES dealing with people who want to call them names, give unwanted (and in some cases, plain unhealthy) advice, and ridicule. They can see through the crap pretty easily, and deal with it accordingly.

And, it’s interesting to see that, of all the people who’ve gone over to the NAAFA boards (and there are several special interest group discussions along with an open forum), I’m the only one who’s still there. Wonder why that is?

In any case, if any one wants to REALLY help, then about the only place to go would be the “exercize at any size” special interest group, and give some constructive feedback WHEN ASKED FOR IT.

Consider reading the “Weightlifting Snobbery” article currently on the front page of johnberardi.com

Fat people also have a fat attitude. They are suing McDonalds and SW Airlines. The lummoxes of the USA are costing our economy big $$$$. Do you think those 350+ pound fat bodies actually hold a job. They are either on welfare or disability. To eat enough calories to be that fat requires dedicated gluttony. I wish I could easily eat 7000 calories a day when I am bulking up but I am not able to. Seems that my stomach isn’t streched to twice it’s size from BigMacs and 3 liter Pepsis.

Chris you did a noble and manly thing protecting that old lady from being crushed to death by the herd of lard asses that waddled onto that bus.

These beanbags from NAAFA say that they love their bodies. How can anyone love something so revolting?

Chris also makes a good point about them on public tranportation and the dangers that they present to others. What if there was an accident and one of thoses wide bodies landed on a child? They should be banned from public transportation.

Fat people can hopefully lose weight. However, it is unlikely that insensitive and stupid people will ever get any smarter or more empathic. Try not to live up to all of the stereotypes about weightlifters being dumb self-centered egotistical assholes, all at the same time. Also, yeah, read the John Berardi column. He says it nicer than I can.

Some of the people on this thread are saying some just horrible things. This sucks! Some of you should reread your posts and go sit in the cornerwith your head down in shame. If you don’t know a persons situation, shut up.
There are multiple reasons why a person can be overweight: depression, biological and so forth. Try some power cleans for the personality

Well, if you’d spent some time at the NAAFA site, you’d find that most of these people DON’T eat huge portions (the people that DO post about such things are usually trolls), and are JUST as appalled at the McDonalds lawsuit as the people here. Stereotypes go both ways. As for loving their bodies – most of these people are ona journey towards accepting themselves as HUMAN BEINGS, as they’ve been told all their lives that they’re somhow less than human. It’s not so much about loving their BODIES (a surprising number of them are looking to shed pounds), as loving THEMSELVES. Maybe that’s a difficult distinction to you. It does take a certian amount of self-esteem to even embark on weight loss plan (a sound one).

I know this doesn’t matter in terms of a debate, but I have some time and I don’t like the hidden context of the message you’re writing.

It’s called social stratification, and that is what you are doing. Regardless of “truth” behind your views on “fat” people. I do however understand that it is a concern that you have to educate those individuals who are a product of situation and not choice. However, if your motivations are to help those who are overweight; your attitude breeds superiority.
Your better than who you chose to be like in that post, I understand you are shifting to fit what the attitude around here is, but it doesn’t mean that it will be effective.
Look: train and educate for yourself, if you can help educate others fine. But don’t pretend to be concerned for the wellbeing of others. Be aware of what you say and how you say it. You might be worse off in your own self-awareness than those “pie holes” you despise so much.

I know you have a stereotypical belief because it is reflected in others messages as well.

Even though you know about training, you’re still a sheep.

Nothing personal, I just felt like going on a rant… I feel upset that those who are educated (you) are still so ignorant…

I agree with Brider and Zev, and just remember, what goes around comes around, so after acting like a prick, you have no right whatsoever to complain when someone mistreats you the way you have mistreated overweight people.

Try some kindness for once, you might actually get somewhere in life.

I am not a anti-fat person. As a matter of fact I love fat people. If it were not for them I would probably not look soo good. I know that there are endless genetic reasons and mental reasons for the way these people are and I don?t think I would write a article that says ?fat people suck? but wake up… It along with smoking are the number ONE killers in the US. I don?t even care enough to give them a hard time. As far as I am concerned (and hate me if you will) I hope the fat population increase as well as the smoking population. Then It will be a lot easier for me to find a better paying job because those people will be dying off sooner and there for create more higher level job opening that would normally be occupied for a longer life span. If you don?t like my ideas and think it is rather childish well that… is ok… But maybe you should look for another forum… Honestly… and if you think I am wrong about changing forums then maybe should at least look at the last Atomic dog in the printed issue of Testosterone and look at Atomic Dog?s article about the crispy cr?me machine braking down. You will not read one printed issue of Testosterone magazine that does not in some shape or form bash fat people. Unfortunately it has become socially acceptable to be totally obese. I once had a women ask me in depth questions about what type of women do I like. When she got to the questions about weight I told here that I like a girl that is shorter than me 5?8 and weighs less than 155… her eyes got big and harsh… Now that is not too much to ask but I guess in her mind it was outrages. OH well. I will probably get ripped for my views but so would TC if you had a chance to respond last mouths article so I guess I wont feel to special.

This “fat” chick felt compelled to respond. I’m currently 200#, 5’10". I compete at 170, bench 200+ and squat 300+. To the dude who would ask “who the hell I thought I was talking to him at a party”, I’d LOVE to challenge him to a workout where’d I’d probably KICK HIS ASS!! Had to vent.

The “Atomic Dog” columns are comedy. They are funny. The anti-fat posts here are just mean-spirited.

I think our little Chris/Baddabing is obviously the same person. It definitely is an A$$wipe brider…most definitely. The thing that concerns me most is Chris posing as a female. Get off it Chris, we knew you were a fake!! Maybe you need to check the goods down south before posting your gender. It seems you are confused about a few issues “Chris”! lol

In order for someone to maintain a weight of 400 pounds they have to eat about 7000 calories a day that is a lot of chowing. In contrast a 110 pound woman with the same activity level burns about 1600 cals. The basal metabolic rate for the lummox is about 5000 calories. If you don’t believe me check out some on line metebolic calculators. Serious body builders understand metabolism.

Whether you admit it or not fat people are fat because they eat and eat and eat and eat and sit on their butts all day long. If you don’t believe me, DO THE MATH! It ain’t rocket science.

Most of the ody builders I know are enlightened healthy folks. There are some who have some body image disorders but for the most part they are a lot healthier mentally and physically than the generally population.

The dedication and hard work should be applauded. Body builder demonstrate positive and responsible behavior. I can’t say the same for the legions of lard lumps that eat garbage food and demand 2 seats for the price of one.

Again, in order to gain and maintain the amount of fat that obese people carry around they need to chow down big amounts of food and sit around. That is a fact!

I am sick of people like Richard Simmons coddling and hugging these fat blubbering slobs. I’m talking tough love here. What the fatties need is their jaws wired shut and their faces slapped. They don’t need a hug from Richard Simmons. The need some character building. Before they cost our health care system antmore money they need to be sent to a boot camp where they will get a long over due boot in the ass. Their eating needs to be reprogrammed and they need to take responsbility for their disgusting condition.

This genetic excuse is just another fat cop out. Why all of the sudden are we surrounded by pork beasts and land whales. They look disgusting but what is more disgusting are their excuses, attitudes and behaviors. And another thing that disgusts me are all the politically correct pussies that enable them and but their bullshit.

Bodybuilders demonstrate positive and responsible behavior huh? So I suppose the legions of steroid abusers that are a part of the bodybuilding community is positive and responsible right? You know exactly what I’m talking about too. These just barely legal adults who are as wide as a doorway and abuse the hell out of steroids: do you think that having those people put their health at risk for a bit of “positive” size demonstrates “positive and responsible behavior”? Let’s put it this way, no one group of people regardless of race, gender, creed, OR even physiology is perfect. Check the snobbery at the door. Also, the numbers you mentioned to maintain boydweight is what would be required to maintain a MUSCULAR bodyweight. Let’s not forget that the body retains fat because it (of the three macronutrients) posseses the most calories per gram. Through the body’s means of survival tactics, when on a hypocaloric diet the body WILL expend muscle (protein) over fat. With so little muscle left on the body your metabolism is practically shot. Translation: that person will be burning much fewer calories than you think. Get the facts straight first bro.

The body burns protein preferentially over fat?

You might want to re-check that one, bud…

While I agree that obesity is a serious problem in this country and is putting a severe strain on the healthcare system, the continuing attitudes streaming in are just outrageous and outright bigoted. And not to mention pathetic.


You are the EXACT type of SNOB that the article that Ike posted a link to on johnberardi.com. Why don’t read it and tell us what you think about it?


Actually there are the cases of the cardio people who end up catabolizing their muscles by staying on the bike/treadmill at a high rate of intensity for way too long. I’m sure you have heard this before, but to make a long story short, they should be going at a moderate pace to maximize fat loss but the end up going all out and so their body turns to their muscles to supply the energy. We can’t blame this particular niche for lack of effort, but maybe we should follow the original poster’s advice and “enlighten these fat activist pork beasts.”

You people disgust me! You claim enlightenment yet I guarantee 60 years ago you’d be rooting the Klan on, with all your one dimensional thinking and total lack of class.