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Fat People Raising Health Care Costs


Pls read this article, makes me angry and distrurbed. These people are absurd. Thanks to people being lazy and worthless, everyone has to pay for it.


I don't like to pay for people being worthless..


I am extremely prejudicial towards obese people. I don't point, laugh, and call names, but they make me want to vomit.


I don't even know if it's being lazy. It's worse than that. These people have no pride and zero self-respect. They aspire to nothing more than a yummy bag of Cheetohs or a fucking gallon of chocolate ice cream and American Idol. I don't think you should qualify as a human being at that point.

What ever happened to standards? When did fat and stupid become disabled and special? Why do we praise fathers that take care of their families instead of punishing and ridiculing the ones that don't? Where did our personal responsibility go?

Why do we lower our expectations so even the most feeble effort is acceptable? When did it become entertaining to witness the worst of humanity? Do we do it to make us feel better about our overwhelming mediocrity? What ever happened to aspiring to something better? What happened to shooting for the stars? What happened to the REAL F-word: FAILURE? Why are we afraid to use it?

Some people are just not good enough. They are not up to the personal standards that every citizen in this country should hold. Lowering these standards to accept everyone is dragging the red, white, and blue into the muck.

I'm fairly certain that most everyone at T-Nation aspires to something above and beyond the status quo, whether it be a better body, a 500 bench, a 4.4 40, a doctorate, or even the presidency. We have to remember, that it is not that we are that much better than everyone else, just as the absence of a tumor does not imply perfect health. We are what is good and right with this country. We are what the status quo SHOULD be. Effort should be rewarded, and the lack thereof shouldn't be enough to survive.



Christ. These doom and gloom posts are as annoying as the people that inspire them. There's a lot of sad people in this country. There's also a lot of great ones. And probably people, on a whole, are no more pathetic today then they ever were. Each age has it's own problems and the actions of some people in each one just make you shake your head.


I am not sure what racism has to do with this but I am sure glad you are not a Racist and proud to let everyone know.


Well said spartanpower. I agree completley.



I think you should have that published on the front page of U.S.A Today.


I used to be sympathetic to the plight of fat folks, but no more. Any way you cut it, obesity in an individual reflects character flaws in that individual- the chief one being gluttony.

Hell, at one time gluttony was codified as one of the seven cardinal sins. Now, fat folks are hollering about being victims and want Oprah to cry for them.

It amazes me to go to Wal Mart (I live in a small West Texas town and have no other shopping choices) and see land whales scooting around the store on battery-powered scooters. Even those walking do so with varying degrees of difficulty- they literally waddle around.

Last Wednesday, I went grocery shopping. As I checked out, a female blob waddled up behind me at the checkout stand. In her hand she held a partially-eaten bowl of frito pie- the nastiest combination of greasy gound beef, velveeta cheese, and corn chips you ever saw. She wasn't the only blob- they were everywhere, both male and female. Waddling around like a scene from "The Dawn of the Dead."

The amazing thing is this: It doesn't have to be this way. If we the people would simply act with common sense and out of a sense of true self-interest, we the people would be much healthier.


does that common sense relate to a certain "project mayhem" of killing obese people? Because of so many of the problems are caused by them, I have no sympathy.

does anyone know someone who put on weight because of thyroid problems that they ended up losing again?


Let them die.


Those cows don't deserve any sympathy. Die fatty die!!!


"Lights have been added at floor level because the bodies of extremely obese people can cast a shadow that makes it hard to see the floor."

Well, that was quite funny.


Wow, I must say I am surprised at the level of hatred coming from some of these posts.

I am generally unsympathetic towards obese people and think that they should have more personal responsibility for their current state and associated health care costs. It is unfortunate that the whole country, in an effort not to offend anyone, seems to be so PC all the time.

I wish we could yell at fat people for eating shitty food the same way we yell at smokers.


Do you guys really honestly believe that healthcare costs are that much higher because of obesity? I thought we were all a little smarter than that. The Obesity "epidemic" is just an excuse to raise prices, not a cause, regardless of what they say. Are you angry at people who get cancer? What about AIDS?

It's ok to not like obese people and to think they are lazy, but don't be fooled by the healthcare industries attempt to pass of the blame for being greedy. I have first hand knowledge in this as I design hospitals for a living. There isn't a more profitable industry in the world (short of Microsoft) than healthcare. Hospitals have millions just sitting in the bank, most of them so much so they can't even find enough stuff to spend it on.

Insurance companies rates are based heavier on geographic locations. It costs considerably more to be insured in NY than say in Alabama. Take a guess at which state has a higher percentage of obese people...


I love not being able to find parking when I go to some stores after work. ALL the disabled parking is taken. A large part of that is from obese people with a self inflicted disability. FFS, park at the back of the lot and get SOME exercise.

If a person is fat from prednisone or some medical issue, then I understand. If they have a self inflicted all-you-can-eat disability, it's thier own fault.


I'm fascinated by obese people. My partner and I always have that, "don't you think at around, oh 450lbs and 12 pants sizes larger you'd think, shit, I'm getting fucking fat. Perhaps I should do something about it." conversation after we spend an hour or two dealing with transporting someone like this who can no longer walk. Whatever happened to self control?

Sure I can understand 50-100 lbs overweight... there's baby weight gain and depression and injuries and just general bad habits... But once you can't fit in your car anymore, can't find clothes that fit, and are having severe difficulty walking... well shit, what does it take to realize you may be doing something wrong?

Fat people think they need to be accepted and accomodated and receive special treatment because of their wide loads... but no matter how much special treatment they get and how proud of their large and in charge self they pretend that they are, they will never ever wake up each morning feeling energized and ready to go and loving their body and their life like those of us who take the time to be healthy do.

I don't care if everyone treated me like a princess and I could do anything I wanted to in life, if I were obese I would never ever be happy. It's a real shame that people spend more money developing new, tantalizingly fattening forms of junk food instead of helping people be happy and healthy. I hate fast food joints almost as much as tobacco companies.


It's a real shame that people spend more money developing new, tantalizingly fattening forms of junk food instead of helping people be happy and healthy. I hate fast food joints almost as much as tobacco companies.[/quote]

I think this is a key component here - the fact that terrible food is cheap and accessible EVERYWHERE. As with most things, a little research and knowledge would go a long way. People just have to take responsibility and look for better options.


As long as idiots buy deep fried Oreos and Twinkies people will keep inventing this kind of shit.


Are you serious? I would've thought you'd be a little more intelligent than that. Obesity greatly increases the risk of acquiring virtually every disease (including cancer). HMOs have to pay for all the diseases that arise. They necessarily raise insurance rates to cover these costs. No doubt the system is corrupt and there are tremendous problems. But if HMOs didn't raise costs to offset obesity-related illenesses, they'd be operating at at loss (or at least less of a profit). Though there are preferred rates (I believe) these costs are averaged. EVERYONE, obese and non-obese alike, would be paying less if there was less obesity and less obesity-related illness.


Corporations, by law, are required to maximize their profits for their shareholders. If a fast food company doesn't try and sell as much as it can of the tastiest, cheapest food possible to the most people, they can be sued by the shareholders. Not too mention that if they don't try to sell as much cheap food as possible, one of their competitors undoubtedly will.

This has to be an issue of personal responsibility. Whether it's smoking, drinking or eating, things that pass someone's lips do so by choice 99.9% of the time. Bad choices lead to bad results, that's all.


I'm curious to know whether obesity is on the rise in other parts of the world. Any non-US T-people care to educate me?