Fat People On Bikes

I just witnessed the first leg of a 3-day bicycle ride in Michigan. My brother was riding in it, so I met him at the end of the first leg, a 70-mile jaunt.

I was surprised to see a great number of fat, pear shaped, soft bodies riding in this event. Some of these folks were chunky, portly, plump and husky. Not in a powerlifter kind of way, more in a golfer kind of way.

Can anybody tell me how fat people can pedal a bike 70 miles a day for three days in a row ? I can’t and I’m conditioned. I did notice that most of the largest folks were riding recumbent bikes, but still… Sheeesh !??

It’s probably one of the best things they can do for low impact cardio and the duration period is great.
Just imagine riding a motor cycle with a fifty gallon gas tank. They’re doing the same with fat cells.

I think you can be fat and still build endurance.

But there is a reason the best cyclists are very cut…

I need to add the fact that this was a “ride”, not a race.

With very little self-awareness I suppose.

Some fat people are often healthier than skinny ones, believe it or not. Biking was what brought me from super fatass down to just heavy.

Maybe you can, you just think you can’t.

I don’t like that word, “can’t”.

biking 70 miles is really not a hard task at all, if you pace yourself right.
all you really need is decent aerobic conditioning.

racing on the other hand, is a whole different story. just imagine tons of suffering.

hey velvet fat elvis did karate whats wrong w/ biking?

They are exercising, and that is what matters. Many of them might just change their lives, and become lean. Or maybe they were fatter then they are now.

I always love to see a fat person exercising. It usually means they have decided to change for the better, and I always hope they keep it up.

More fat people should ride bikes.

Sounds like someone has a little envy for the fatties bike prowess, no?