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Fat People In Action

I’ve got a blog on health news (look ma, no plug) and all of a sudden today there are tons of people searching for a new drug product.

Yeah, you guessed it, a new drug that recently had a report out about clinical trial results.

It looks like a nightmare. Basically, two drugs combined with presumably the side effects of both. Anyway, the fat people are finding my blog through searches for how to buy the stuff.

The news release says it won’t even be on the market for another four years!

Holy cow! Are these people desperate for anything that doesn’t actually involve changing any habits or what? I can hardly believe it.

On a good note, these fat lazy sows are making me a few bucks when they click ads on my site… :wink:

I’m also curious if these people would be as eager to buy a supplement if their newspapers were writing stories based on press releases concerning them instead?

[quote]vroom wrote:
On a good note, these fat lazy sows are making me a few bucks when they click ads on my site… :wink:

LOL. Too bad they dont have fat-loss product ads on your site. You’d be rich.

I know people like this. They fool themselves into thinking that some miracle pill will make them thin without having to do more work or change their eating habits. It’s pretty sad really, because most of them seem to think that all that extra weight really isn’t their fault.

How do I buy this miracle pill?

[quote]vroom wrote:
…tons of people…[/quote]

In the context of your post, this sounds very funny =)

People will buy anything that will give them hope for progress with little to no effort. Miracle drugs, 5-second abs videos, tire cleaner that you just spray on, get-rich quick schemes, etc. you name it. People will always look for the easy way out.

I honestly believe that it’s because we all know we will die someday. If we weren’t aware of it, we wouldn’t always be looking for shortcuts. The flip side are the people who act accordingly because they know they won’t live forever, but those are certainly the minority of people.