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Fat People at the Gym


So, first I respect someone saying "Oh shit, I got fucking huge. I need to do something about this." I don't respect that they let themselves get there in the first place.

So now that I have that out if the way. Why in the fuck do they sit on the hip abduction/adduction machines and not do cardio? If your muscles are buried under 100lbs of fat toning them won't help!

Second, and this just happened today and is mostly the reason for this post. If you are 100+ lbs overweight. Do not under any circumstances wear a shirt that says "Eat the weak". They are obviously full of calories. Consider a salad.


first, cool story bro

secondly, who cares. Everybody has to start somewhere and being in a gym is better than still sitting on their couch.






I see this is that kind of board now


IMO, I don't really care what other people do but its great when you see anyone in the gym everyone's gottta start somewhere.


So let me get this straight, you are under the impression that you should dictating what people wear and with what slogans. Also, clearly your post screams "I know better than the fatties on the abduction/adductor machines" and they are doing it wrong. In that case why don't instead of criticizing like a douche, walk up to that person and offer your greater knowledge in losing fat. When they say no this will make me lose fat and get me jacked and I don't give a fuck what you think, you can post and we'll all have a laugh. Until then you are just another douche bag that feels superior to someone without knowing anything about the person and their situation.


Ok, I apologize. Apparently nobody finds the humor in this. Won't happen again!

I mean that seriously. I didn't mean to piss anyone off.


I feel sorry for some people like this. It really irks me when these trainers have them doing all this dumb shit and the trainers joke with the person they are training. If those people are trying to turn their health around the trainer should be pushing them.

My 2 cents....


The "Eat the weak" part was kinda funny




Maybe I should have just left it at that. It was really what I wanted to write about anyway. The rest was just ranting about another group and I suppose in hindsight could have been left out. Live and learn.

As a post script there are quite a few that I see regularly who are working their ass off (literally) and not only do I respect them but I make it a point to at least occasionally say something encouraging. I do respect doing something about it.


Its all good I understand what you mean, a lot of people don't really know what there doing when they first go into the gym. I certainly didn't and still don't feel like I know shit. But I respect anyone who has a good work ethic and will bust there ass in the gym.


Can we have a thread instead about chubby, deconditioned personal trainers....or at least the ones who don't know what they're doing and have their clients perform exercises with atrocious form?


Good idea


You should start it


Since when does it take chubby to be mis-informed?

I see muscle bound guys as often as skinny weak people make horrific routines and mistakes in the gym.


At least they are there.

Psychologically that is probably the biggest step.


See as diet is 90% of the battle, you shouldn't give two shits about what exercise they are doing, as long as they aren't sitting on the couch stuffing their faces full of carbs and unhealthy fats.

Consider jumping off a bridge.


Anyone with 85#+ to lose will drop a good 20 pounds just cutting back on the sear volume of food required and handle the hunger while starting with calisthenics. Most everyone knows the first two things they need to do to pull themselves out of a blubber body and that is eat less and be more active.

Simply put, this type of person will get results and benefit from just about anything because of their sever state.