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Fat People and Shoplifting




3 boots under her bra? Holy shit, how the hell can you fit $2600 worth of stuff underneath 2 women's fat? I'd say I want to see how big these chicks really are to be able to do that...but then I don't really want to see that


Boots? LMAO. "And in other news, a woman was caught trying to smuggle 2 microwaves hidden between her breastages."


I've seen worse. They arrested a man at Walmart for fitting 2 slabs of pork ribs under his shirt. Mind you, he was fat enough that you couldn't tell the difference even after the produce was removed.

Question...if you are fat and stealing food, do you just go to a special place in hell immediately or am I overreacting?


Yes, it's the third circle of hell.


I made a joke about fat people not needing shopping bags about a month ago:


I didn't realize it was true. I guess truth really is stranger than fiction.


I remember seeing CCTV video of an obese woman wearing a skirt sticking a VCR between her legs and walking away.


I bet titfucking her would be the insane.


Fat people can also shoplift frozen turkeys. Unfortunately, it does look quite suspicious when a giant frozen bird seemingly falls out your ass.