Fat or Loose Skin?

Hey guys, I was wondering if you can offer me advice and judgement on whether or not I have loose/stretchy skin, or this is simply just an excess amount of body fat under my skin. I get self conscious sometimes because the skin around my chest seems “droopy” but I’m just hoping it’s extra body fat.

Some background info:

At the age of 14 I had a dramatic weight loss, where I lost 60lbs, I went from 235-175. After my weight change I’ve done two teen bodybuilding/physique type shows (one for my HS and one INBF Mr. America). My lowest weight was 158lb and that was at 18 years old. Currently I am 21 and hovering between 160-165.

So I was wondering if someone can give their honest opinion if I’m suffering from excess/loose skin. Or it’s just body fat I have to burn. (I really hope it is body fat haha). But if it is loose skin is there any effective regime I can follow? I don’t want to do surgery at all.

Well thank you for your time!

Some photos, I’m having trouble uploading multiple images on my phone



Lower abs

My chest kind of sags

[quote]mr.tech wrote:
I get self conscious sometimes because the skin around my chest seems “droopy” but I’m just hoping it’s extra body fat.[/quote]
I’d say you’re fine since your pecs have always been like that. I understand you lost a ton of weight (congrats, BTW), but you had “loose skin” on your mind three years ago. It wasn’t the case then and it still isn’t.

If your chest is really bothering you, consider a specialization program to hammer it for a month or two. As for the skin you can pinch/pull off your abs, I’m pretty sure that’s just regular plain old skin. Don’t sweat it.

SSC had loose skin after losing 150 pounds.
You’re nowhere near that position. Most likely because you were pretty young when you lost the weight.

You look frikken great, Bastid. WTF are you worried about? Just keep going.

that looks like loose skin
don’t worry about it

Thanks for the input guys! I’m planning on doing a OCB show late March, so for the next few months Im going to focus on increasing my muscle mass in my chest, as well as other body parts.

Fat. Look in good shape tho.