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Fat on the Butt

 I have always noticed my butt sticks out more then it should. There's no good way for me to reduce the fat on the butt. I get out in the morning before breakfast jog for a mile, then do circuits in the afternoon9every other day, protein shake and creatine).

I noticed i started to lose alot of fat on my upper body, stomach, legs. but the butt is still sticking out too much, whenever i go by a shop or a mirror, i could see i have a huge butt( like what an overweight person would have), could someone help me with this problem?

Some people just store more there and some people have natural bubble butts with a lot of muscle there. The combination can be unfortunate (although Jennifer Lopez makes it work…). All you can do is lose more fat all over to get your behind smaller. There is no real thing such as spot reduction, sadly.

Lol skidmark. Unfortunately I’m one of those guys that has the bubble butt with all the muscle. Fortunately I have very little fat on it so it’s not as big as it could be. Sea try snowboarding. Not only is it a great lower body workout but also it really seems to shred the fat away from that area.

I’ve heard that it’s impossible to choose where you lose your fat and whoever said that was probably right but I have very little fat on my calves, quads and glutes and I have no explanation for it other than snowboarding (I teach snowboarding every winter on the weekends and whatever holidays I get off school).

I just realized how off-topic (in comparison to the expected posts of lifting routines) this post probably sounds but give it a try when winter rolls around and I guarantee that whatever fat you have on your lower body will be pure muscle by the end of the winter (assuming you do it often enough).

lol, its summer here, no snow. plus i dont know how to snowboard

Take a lesson when winter rolls around. It’s also summer here which is the only season I don’t play a sport in so I’m working in construction (spring - rugby, summer - construction, fall - football, winter - snowboarding). It’s never too late to learn how to snowboard.

I taught 60 something year old guy last winter. My own mother learned how to snowboard when she was 41 and is now a snowboard and ski instructor (she never skied or snowboarded before then).

How about making your quads bigger so you’ll look more proportional? Here’s a recent thread about that: