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Fat Old Man Shrinking


August 11, 2017

Leg Extension:
140/6, 150/6,
(Drop Set) 150/6, 130, 120/10

Pec Deck
110/6, 110/6,

Dumbbell Shoulder Press:
30/6, 30/6
Double Rest Pause-> 30/6-1-1

Assisted Dip:
Double Rest Pause : 105/6-2-2

Was going for 20 Reps - wasn’t gonna happen, plus I was fasted like a dumbass…


Evening 8/11/17

In yards:
walk 250, run 50, Jog 15, run 50, jog 15, run 50, jog15, run 50, walk 250. Am quite slower than I used to be so there’s plenty of room for improvement:))


August 13, 2017
Had to do SOMETHING (dammit)

Start 1534HRS
In yards:
Walk 250
Jog: 100
Run: 50
Jog 25
Run: 50
Jog 25
Walk 50
Jog: 50
Walk: 200
Finish 1550HRS (16 minutes)
Total Distance = 850 yards(0.483 mi)
Overall Speed (2.07 mph)

Obviously not a lot of distance or speed, but only 3 years ago I struggled and gasped to walk 15 yards - it’s progress…a long way to go, but progress :confused:


August 14, 2017
Monday – Workout A1

Romanian Deadlift:
135/6, 135/6

Pronated Lat Pulldown
150/6, 150/6

Bent-Over Lateral:
25/8, 25/8, 20/6, 15/8, 10/10

Standing Barbell Curl:
75/6, 75/6


ILet’s see, it’s Tuesday July 15, '17. I’ve had zero motivation to do a thing thus far today, but neeeed to get my workout in soon.

No idea WTF the issue is, just one of those days when ya wake up and do not want to move. Hell, it was after 1300 before I even went downstairs for coffee & chow. An anomaly that needs to remain anomalous!

I’ll take my ass to the gym by 1800 dammit. Bench is included today and I need to work on it quite bad.

1900- at the gym at 1800 as planned dammit :slight_smile:
Here’s how it went:
Safety Squat:

155/6, 155/6

Rest Pause 155/6-2-2

Bench Press:
135/6, 155/6
Rest Pause - 135/6-2-1

Dumbbell Lateral Raise:
30/6, 30/6,
Drop Set 30/6, 25/8, 20/10

Close Grip BP
45/16, 95/8
(mTor) 95/8-2-2


Went into this fasting. Still plenty of energy and even after workout still not hungry. May be stupid but I’m not gonna eat until i get that way. Trying to shed fat anydamnway.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Lying Leg Curl:
60/6, 60/6
Drop Set- 60/6, 50/8, 40/10
*add weight

Straight-Arm Pulldown
84/6, 96/6
(mTor): 108/6-2-2
*add weight

Pronated Chest-Supported Row:
70/6, 70/6
Rest Pause: 70/6-2-2
*add weight

Preacher Curl:
50/6, 50/6
(mTor): 50/6-2-2
*add weight

DL: 95/12
Wanted 20 reps…


August 21, 2017

Romanian Deadlift:
135/6, 135/6
Rest Pause: 135/6-2-2

Pronated Lat Pulldown :

150/6, 150/6
Rsst Pause 150/6-1-1

Added–DB ROW

Bent-Over Lateral:
35/8, 25/6
Drop Set: 25/6, 20/8, 15/8
**strained thru these

Standing Barbell Curl:
85/4, 65/6
Rest Pause- 75/6-1-1

Added-- (bar) 45/10


August 23, 2027

Safety Squat:
185/6, 185/6
Rest Pause 185/6-2-2

Bench Press:
155/6, 155/6
Rest Pause- 155/6-2-2

Incline DB Fly
50/8, 40/8

Dumbbell Lateral Raise:
30/6, 30/6, 25/6, 20/8, 20/10

Lying Dumbbell Triceps Extension:
30/6, 30/6
(mTor) 30/6-2-2

Triceps Rope Press
50/16 (5 second down)


Pic from earlier today - 10 weeks out from target date



Reverse Hyper: t
0/6, 0/6
**next time use weight

Supinated Lat Pulldown:
120/6, 120/6
Drop Set-120/6, 105/8, 90/10
**start heavier

Neutral-Grip Cable Seated Row:
108/6, 108/6

Dumbbell Hammer Curl:
35/6, 35/6
Drop Set-36/6, 30/8, 25/10


August 26, 2017

(Hack squat machine in use, ended up moving to last)

Incline Dumbbell Press:
25/6, 30/6
(mTor) 40/6-2-1

Dumbbell Front Raise
25/6, 30/6
(mTor) 35/6-1-1

Triceps Extension:
72/6, 96/6
Drop Set-120/6, 108/8, 96/10


Yes this is the first one since 8/26 dammit. Hey, life happens. Back into it today though.

RDL 135/6 135/6 135/6-2-2

Pronated Lat Pulldown 120/6 135/6 150/6-2-2

Bent Over Lateral 30/6 30/6 30/6, 20/8, 12/12
Standing BB Curl 75/6 75/6 75/6-2-1



Leg Extensions 150/6 150/6` 150/6, 140/8, 130/12
Pec Deck 110/6 110/6 (mTor) 110/7
DB Sboulder Press 35/6 35/6 (Rest Pause) 30/6-2-2
Assisted Dips 105/6 105/6 (Rest Pause) 105/6-2-2

I noticed that the DB shoulder press was more difficult than expected while seated, and I don’t think it was for lack of a “push” by standing, but rather that my shoulders are wayyy too tight. Methinks next time I’ll stand, and I try to be real strict and not push with my legs when I do that.

Got fasted cardio in first thing this morning, about 2.5 hours before lifting. Just took my ten pound dbells for about a 0.75 walk. Would probably have walked further but my damn arms were screaming, prolly cause I did that twice yesterday.


How are you doing lately?


Hi thanks for asking :).

I’ve been bad, very bad. Was introduced to a lady who has now moved in with my wife and I. Her name is Miss Migraine and she’s a real bitch.

In a 2 week span, I had 6 ER visits, 2 to my PCP, 1 to my ENT, and 1 to a neurologist headache specialist with whom I was lucky to get an appointment.

Dude is trying to treat but we’re in first stages…have tried DHE (dihydroergotamine) injections - no luck, and am currently using Imitrex SubQ - works, frickin finally SOMETHING! For 15 days I had a migraine that I’d rate at a level 8 or higher on the 1-10 scale, more waking hours than not.
This shit had shut me down in most areas of life, including the gym.

Ya know, in the past I’d hear someone talk about having a migraine and would think, “You got a bad headache, bug deal.”
Well, bad headache doesn’t approach this shit. “Extreme Pain” is more frickin like it.
Seriously, I’ve had periods during which I’d literally equate the headache to the pain level in my hand just days after a 4th Frickin Degree burn.
It’s fuckininsane dude I swear.

Oh, and due to a death in my SIL’s family, I was sans my Missus for 3.5 days during this mess and THAT just totally sucked, cause well, if she’s not around I don’t know what to do without her orders lol. Naw, j/k there, but I am heavily reliant on her in many ways and it sucks when she’s out of arm’s reach.

Soooo, that’ll teach ya to ask me how I’ve been right?! Wish I had a more pleasant answer but this gave me an “in” to post about something I’d not have posted otherwise, so thanks for the opp to vent here :smile:

Aight then, ya all take care now !


Sorry about the migraines! I hope you’re back to normal soon. Do they have any idea what causes migraines in general, let alone what’s causing yours?


Yeh normal soon would be awesome.

Migraines are, best I can tell, caused by something to do with blood vessels in the brain…the medicine I’m using is supposed to help by constricting them.

They haven’t determined an exact cause for mine yet. All I currently know is that dude is going to use lidocaine injections to nerves in my forehead as a “block,” and said something about prescribing a daily med to prevent them. At present he’s trying to break the cycle. Fortunately Imitrex injections r working today. Haven’t had a headache since around 0630 and that’s the longest I’ve gone without one in I think 15 days.


Damn, sorry to hear. If things have calmed down I would try and get some ART therapy on neck and general upper trap -usually pretty helpful and at worst will help lessen the symptoms of a flare up and bring down the tension in the area.

Getting your neck adjusted by a good chiro experienced with weight training populations can help a ton also


May look into that but since I’v ekectronic leads and a pain pump catheter at C7 no
Frickin STILL having migraines more hours than not. Have used injectable imitrex & DHE + some oral meds and not having any luck dammit. Getting conflicting opinions from specialists. ENT says nasal cavity cyst isn’t the problem while the neurologist says it’ll stop things when it’s remived. PCP has little to say other than specialists can never agree.
Meanwhile the surgery isn’t till 10/24 and I’m having a hell of a time getting relief. May be a CT scan with contrast and a spinal tap coming up. This stuff is FUBAR. Haven’t lifted for about 3 weeks & definitely ain’t going to the gym until the pounding pain is controlled. Can barely tolerate light.

One more gripe is that I currently Ku have only one dose of injectable till at least Monday when I’ll be calling to raise hell for anything to help. These dr’s are way to quick to say “we’ll see” when they’re not the one who is miserable. As I see it, something has to be wrong cause this isn’t normal and they need to figure out WTF!

Peace ,


ok yeah if got that going on at c7 then forget the neck adjustments and the like, not worth messing about with. I actually have a small trapped nerve in my neck myself so can only imagine.

Getting suuuper light massage on neck especially the scalenes/side bit can release some tension tho.
Could still consider ART a bit further out on lower Trapezius and upper pecs also

How;s it going now? hope got some improvement this week!


@RampantBadger -

Two consecutive days w/o a headache so things are looking up a bit thank u.
Plan is that if there’s none thru Monday to get my ass back to the iron. Energy is improving slightly. Amazing how physically and emotionally draining the crap has been. Definitely have a newfound respect for the word “migraine!”

U doin alright?