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Fat Old Man Shrinking


Waist size increase on daily l cup oatmeal? Maybe try l/2 cup and eat some fruit.


Ok but that & beef is near all I eat?? I’ll think about decreasing the servings, but before I started training again my daily calories were at or below 500 and I need to feed the machine.
Reckon fruit would be a good addition. figure on adding cauliflower & carrots next trip to the Kroger’s too. All the protein makes the fiber desirable…


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You aren’t eating a balanced diet. Look for balanced diet ideas on this website.


Copy that


Hi people.
So I was out of the gym for about 10 frickin’ weeks. Had an ear issue that required surgery, then was sick for 2 weeks solid. Hell, everyone in my house was.

But I’m back to it as of today.

Have to say I got one HELL of a pump today for the first time back too. Started with assisted dips @ a total of 39 reps, the incline dumbbell presses, shoulder work and rowing movements. Moved more weight probably than the last workout before the hiatus. Frickin’ awesome IMO.

My son had bought a membership to PFitness, and asked me to workout with him because he has never trained by himself…then I was in invited because he was working out with a girl he knew in high school – not a problem, I get it. But, I had noticed that PFitness still had me as an active member so decided to go there today since I didn’t think I’d be moving much weight and they’re never crowded at 1300 on a weekday.

Tell ya what, when that one was done it felt like my pecs were going to burst out of my damn skin and that tickled me to death.

Since I hit upper body today in ful, tomorrow is leg day and I’ll restart the push/pull split at 5 days per week. If I need barbells I’ll go back to the other gym…

Wanted to mention that when I was at a health food store yesterday I saw some stuff that I used when in my 20’s - Royal jelly/bee pollen/ginseng. I thought it was good for energy back then and looks like I remembered correctly. Have to use a spoon to eat the stuff but it definitely cranked the energy level up.

My diet got a little off but is back in line. Just need to get some Metabolic Drce powder and intend to get some Surge and Plazma as well.

K, just thought I’d post something…

I hope everyone here is doing well and look forward to talking more here. This site and forum just totally rock!



Workout Log under, you guessed it, “Workout Logs”:
I’m busting my arse here lately, trying like hell. My training frequency is fairly high IMO, and am wondering about recovery time - If I feel like getting a workout in, why should I wait an entire day to do it? So, yesterday I did one in the morning, one in the evening, and intend to do the same today.

Just bought some Metabolic Drive protein and my nutrition is sound. Bought some multivitamins too in order to cover the D and B vitamins mostly, but figure I need the many others in the chewables I found.

One thing I’m concerned about right now is a lack of bicep strength. There was a time when I did barbell curls for 10 reps with 135lbs, but now I’m using EZ curls with no more than 40lbs & am not at all pleased with not being able to use more weight. Regardless, I’m going at it as hard as I can and am confident that after much more time in the gym, the strength will increase. Just aggravating to feel so dang weak!

Pretty much the same with pecs. When I do them, I definitely feel the results, but the weights used don’t impress me at all.

One movement I saw here at t-nation was recommended by Christian T for “huge delts” is a front plate raise. Today I’m going to attempt some with a 45lb plate. They feel frickin’ great!

Since I’ve no career and few commitments, I don’t see going twice/day as an issue. I get good rest and the right nutrition. Soon as it’s feasible I’ll buy some workout recovery stuff from BioTest to help that a bit. But taking a day off the gym at present is something I do not want to do. I’d much rather go lift SOMETHING than to hang out at the house all dang day.

K, just an update here…

Ya all take care!


Hello Ya all!

An update-broke into 4 reps with 668 on hammer Strength Leg Press yesterday. Tomorrow I’m going over 700 or bust :slight_smile:

Received an order with Metabolic Drive protein today thank God. I neeed the additional protein for sure.

Been hitting it as hard as possible for about 3 weeks now and am pleased with the consistency, even though it’s ONLY 3 weeks.

One area that needs a little work is attitude when I get to the gym. I gotta start going in with the desire to kill everything I touch. Shouldn’t be too difficult since according to my wife upon seeing my baby picture, I was born pissed off. Just gotta remember to be angry at the weights !

Am taking my calorie intake up a bit to 2,500+. Hell, I gotta eat if I’m gonna move heavy shit right?’

What is the maximum calories with a breakdown of macronutrients that you guys use for adding muscle?

Okies thatsit,


k I’m just going to log workouts here cause it makes it easier to get responses based on WTF I’m doing that way…

I am not at all proud of poundages, but am incrasing the start weights appropriately each session based on previous ones. That’s how we do right?!

Here’s today’s:

Leg Extensions 60/14 80/12 100/12
120/10, 150/8, 70/20
**Will increase the start weight till I can get a more respectable showing. Think next time I’ll try starting at 120, up the weight by 20 lbs each set and do 10, 8, 6 plus a lighter one with high reps to finish

Inc DB Press 25/12 35/8 45/6
***Puny frickin weight - gotta keep at it

Inc DB Fly 25/12 35/8 45/6
** For ME, this was “ok” for flies, but still not happy

Assisted Dips 175/20 145/12
***Slowly decreasing the assist weight on these
Front Plate Raise 25/8 45/6 10/20
***Next time will warmup with 10 and go straight to 45lb plate
Reverse Pec Deck 60/12 80/10 100/8
****These feel frickin great!
Pec Deck 90/12 110/10 130/8
Works well, moving the weight upward
Seated DB Press 25/8 15/8
***I think this is weak as shit
V-Bar Triceps Press 60/10 75/6 30/20
***Did the trick but am NOT happy with the puny pounjdage
DB Tri Kickbacks 10/12 15/10 5/15


Today felt frickin’ good :slight_smile:

Pleased that I did a little better on DB Bench & Fly’s. Probably y I didn’t do as well as planned on triceps press but ok, fine.

Here we go:

Leg Ext 50/
_Ham Curl _

Hammer Strenght Leg Press 408/10 478/10 568/10

Back Ext Machine 90/10 110/10 150/10
Flat DB Bench 30/12 40/10 50/8
Flat DB Fly 30/12 35/10 40/8
Pec Deck 80/12 60/16
Front Plate Raise 25/8 45/5 10/12
*NOTE: That 45lb plate is a bear! Next time I’ll warm up with like 10/12 and move to the 45…

Reverse Pec Deck 50/12 80/10 100/8 50/20
VBar Triceps Press 50/12 60/10 70/5
DB Triceps Kickbacks 10/10 5/20


Who in this forum uses creatine monohydrate and did u do a loading phase?
Just ordered some from BioTest and need to decide if I’ll load or not…

Thx for any input :slight_smile:


Here’s today’s. Have to say my energy level was down a bit, probably cause last night I took some OTC stuff for sinuses and didn’t sleep worth a crap.

Hamstring Curls
80/12, 80/12, 60/12
***legs probably still fatigued from yesterday

Wide Grip Pulldown:
60/5, 36/12, 36/12
This was a different Machine and the weight felt different at the same numbers - double pulley deal.

DB Row:
35/12, 45/8, 55/6
**better than last time

Assisted Wide Grip Pull-ups

EZ Curl
40/10, 50/8, 60/5, 20/20

Seated DB Curl:
20/8, 15/10, 10/15 ,5/40
EZ curls sapped my biceps. Had planned to use more weight on this but common sense got the best of me!

///Was comparing weights on different movements from the past 4 weeks and was happy to see an increase. Must be doing SOMETHING right :slight_smile:


Nice work, on a low energy day.


Thank u!

Here’s how today went, and I’m quite happy with the leg press stuff cause the bars on the ends of the sled thing are only going to hold one more plate :). S’pose when I get there (848lbs) I’ll go it to 3-5 sets of 5-10 reps and increase other leg stuff.

Hammer Strength Leg Press

Cable Row
50/10, 70/8

Assisted Pull-ups
160/10, 175/8

EZ Curls
40/10, 60/6, 30/20

                 _Recovery Day_

Treadmill 5min, 5% Incline, 4mph
Assisted Dips 175/25
Assisted Pullups 175/12
Pec Deck 50/20
Reverse Pec Deck 50/20
Vbar Triceps Press 30/20
EZ Curl 20/20
Crunch Machine 50/50



I guess since it’s been a while it’s ok, but I had a horrible night and am taking the day totally off at the gym.

One of those PTSD nightmare deals where I woke up in severe pain from the injury the dream was reliving. Heart palpitations, cold sweat, and still in a piss poor frame of mind.
Wouldn’t be good to risk being around any strangers cause my frickin temper is on a hair trigger!

So that’s my verbal vomit today, sorry if it’s a bother :confused:

Ya al take care!


June 27, 2017
Received my creatine after this session. Got the first dose and am pounding down the water…

DB Bench Press:
40/12 50/10 60/6

DB Fly:
40/12, 40/12, 30/16

Seated DB Press:
25/12, 15/12, 15/12

Front Plate Raise:
25/8 10/12, 5/20

Lateral Raise:
15/8, 10/12, 5/20

Rev Pec Deck:
70/12, 50/20, 30/30

Leg Extensions:

Ham curls:

Hammer Strength Leg Press
478/12 568/10 , 658/8 , 748/6 . 478/12
**>> Edit: that’s 6 reps with 20 more lbs than I moved last time! Sooo pleased. Won’t be long I may be ready to do squats again :slight_smile:

VBar Triceps Press:
20/12, 30/12, 42.5/12, 57.5/12, 65/10, 42.5/12

Tri Cable Ext Unilateral: 3x12-20
10/12, 5/20

Rev Unilateral Tri Pulldown (Cross Body):
5/20, 10/ 12, 15/6, 5/20

Unilateral Triceps cable Press:

Reverse Unilateral Triceps cable Press:
Finish 13:16:00

**>>Edit: Note: This was a lot of reps for Triceps. Methinks I need to use a rope and more frickin weight. Better yet, hit the bench press stuff harder. Seems that my Triceps currently have more endurance than strength, so benching more would make sense. Editing next planned push workout to reflect that.


First one for years on creatine. Frickin pump already feeling better.

Any of ya all remember back around '98 when testosterone.net (BioTest?) did a trial on some liquid creatine? I helped with that one. Had no luck at all with it - made me quite sick to my stomach…

Anyway, today I tried some lat Pulldowns using a rope I saw in an article here. Felt pretty amazing and think I’ll keep them in my routine…

June 28, 2017

Rope Lat Pulldowns:
55/12, 85/10, 100/8, 120/6

Cable Row:
70/12, 100/10, 140/6, 85/16

Assisted Pull-ups

Inc DB Curl
20/10 25/8 30/4

Hamstring Curl:
60/12, 80/10, 100/8

Calf Extensions
120/12, 140/10, 160/10

CG EZ Curl
40/12, 60/8, 30/12
***Usually use the inside grip…

WG EZ Curl:
20/12, 30/10, 50/8

Inc DB Curls (180 degreerotation):
10/20, 5/50
*did these to finish off biceps and used a 2-2-2 tempo.


June 29 & 30th:

10:48:00 DB Bench Press 45/8 55/6 65/5 50/10
10:59:30 DB Fly 40/10 45/8
Inc DB Press 30/10 45/8
Inc DB Fly 30/10
11:08:30 Chest Press Machine 80/10 40/16
11:12:30 Overhead DB Press 30/6 20/10
11:16:45 Lateral Raise 15/10 10/12 5/20
11:21:15 Reverse Pec Deck 90/12 50/20
11:25:30 PJR Pullovers 30/12
11:28:45 Triceps Rope Press 50/12 40/12 20/30
11:31:30 *FINISH


10:11:30 Lat Rope Pulldowns 55/10 85/8 120/6 85/12
10:18:15 Cable Row 55/12 85/10 120/8 160/4
10:26:00 Assisted Pullups 175/14
10:29:00 Incline DB Curl 25/8 20/10 20-Oct
10:46:30 WG EZ Curl 40/10 50/8 60/6
10:51:00 CG EZ Curl 40/10 30/14 20/24
10:54:30 FINISH

Tomorrow I’m going to focus on legs I think…maybe not though, may just do the push part and then pull on the next…

Ordered HMB from Amazon this morning…hope it is helpful.

Ya all take care :slight_smile:


Today’s 07/01/2017


DB Bench Press:
50/10 60/7, 50/

Incline DB Bench
40/10, 40/10

Incline DB Fly:
40/10, 30/10

Assisted Dips:

Lateral Raise:
10/12, 20/8, 25/5

Reverse Pec Deck:
80/10, 100/10, 120/8

Triceps Rope Press (4s pause at bottom of each 4th rep)
50/12, 40/12, 30/16, 20/24

10:26:45 - Finished


**I’m well aware “it ain’t squatting” but I’m very pleased with progress on these leg presses. As I’ve posted, a heavy load across my back isn’t ok due to medical implants there, so I’m improvising!

July 2, 2017

Hammer Strength Leg Press
388/10 478/8 568/8 658/6 748/6 798/4

Rope Lat Pulldowns:
55/10 85/10 85/10 85/10

Cable Row:
85/10 85/10 85/10

EZ Curl:
40/10, 40/10, 40/10, 30/14 [2-2-4-2]

Inc DB Curl (2-4-4-2)

Note: I’m going to post this question in a new thread, but I’ve read that biceps are best worked on a non-back day? I wonder if I should switch biceps and triceps stuff where biceps are on chest day and triceps with back?